Ifedore Postal / Zip Codes (Ondo State)

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Ifedore Postal or Zip Codes (Ondo State) in Nigeria. Get Ifedore Postal or Zip Codes (Ondo State). Full List And Correct Zip Postal Code Digits.

Postal Codes In Nigeria Are Numeric, Consisting Of Six Digits. See all Ifedore Postal or Zip Codes (Ondo State) below:

Ifedore is a Local Government Area (LGA) in Ondo State, Nigeria. Wards and town within the LGA make use of varying postal or zip codes.

Here are the postcodes for Ifedore:

Igbara oke

Location Postcode
Amaye 340113
Asae 340113
Ilero 340113
Imokuti 340113
Odo-Oja 340113


Location Postcode
Ayetoro 340111
Odo-Esi 340111
Ogbontitun 340111
Otalo-Gboido 340111
Post Office Are 340111
Ugoba 340111
Uye 340111


Location Postcode
Igbehin 340112
Iro 340112
Lare 340112
Odofin 340112


Location Postcode
Aaye 340110
Eti Oreseun 340110
Ibule 340110
Ikota 340110
Ipon 340110
Irese 340110
Obo 340110
Ologorere 340110

Postal codes in Nigeria are made up of six numeric digits, the first digit is the regional code with the last three digits representing the delivery location mostly a post office or an urban area.

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