Kanye West could be forced to tear down ambitious Yeezy housing project

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An ambitious housing project set up by Kanye West to ease homelessness in Los Angeles could be torn down after the rapper failed to secure the correct permits.

The rap icon has created three domed structures on his 300-acre estate in Calabasas. Built by Yeezy Home, the structures have been described as a housing experiment aimed at putting low-income and homeless citizens on a level playing field with the wealthy.

However, noise complaints on the site prompted inspections that deemed the structures to be permanent due to their concrete platforms.

While TMZ claimed that West’s team described the structures as “temporary”, he now has until September 15 to secure the correct building permits, or the 50-foot-high huts must be torn down.

The dome-like huts are situated on land he purchased with wife Kim Kardashian in 2014. They take on an otherworldly look that evokes comparisons to the planet of Tattooine in Star Wars.

Kanye first announced the “architecure arm” of his Yeezy empire in 2018 and said it would “make the world better”. Designer Jalil Peraza also described the project as a  “low-income housing scheme, made of prefabricated concrete”, in a since deleted Instagram post.