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Kenyan Storytelling Tradition

Storytelling and oral traditions of all types are nonetheless very energetic in Kenya, from villagers exchanging riddles to tv packages that use folktales of their tales.

Each of greater than forty ethnic teams inside Kenya’s borders has its personal number of tales. These embrace massive collections of
proverbs and riddles, all of which reflect each inside and exterior influences and are nonetheless very a lot part of every day speech.

For occasion, the Swahili people, who reside alongside Kenya’s coast, have had extra contact with Islamic sailors and retailers. As a end result, their tales are extra probably to embrace acquainted Arabic folktale characters, such because the djinn. The tales of the people who reside inland, such because the Kikuyu, are extra probably to function solely acquainted African characters, such because the trickster figure Hare.

In most instances, riddling periods, equivalent to these of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, happen at twilight earlier than the beginning of a storytelling session. These riddling periods are sometimes changed into competitions between two younger males or girls who faux to wager amazingly massive gadgets, equivalent to cattle or complete villages, on the end result of the competition. Many cultures have a prohibition on telling riddles throughout daytime. The Kikuyu riddle sport is especially elaborate, consisting of a duet of sung poem-riddles, or gicandia, with the riddle singing accompanied by the rattle of a adorned gourd.
Modern Kenyan media, equivalent to tv and radio packages, usually embrace folklore, and the research of oral literature is a part of the college curriculum. Many Kenyan colleges have a interval when the kids inform tales, the way in which Western colleges may need a showand-tell interval. In addition, college students are required to gather folklore from their households.

Even as globalization sweeps over the African continent, Kenyans proceed to imagine that folklore is a crucial a part of their heritage and tradition. And they're taking steps to protect their folklore and the artwork of storytelling.