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How To Write An Article In Just 15 Minutes

The number one excuse I have heard for not writing blog posts or articles is, "I don't have the time." Although it is true that you can write an article without sufficient research just for the sake of content, it usually will not go over well with your subscribers. Now, I'm just like the majority of Internet marketers, I sometimes procrastinate, too. Sometimes, I just dread getting on the computer and beginning work (I know - hard to believe, right?)! You see, my business is such that when I sit down, it's a good 5-6 hours each and every day! Anyhow, just like you, sometimes I will also put off my content creation for a later date. But I soon realized that doing so created serious consequences for my business.

I soon began to lose a lot of my readership base. To deal with that Challenge, I thought of dedicating just 15 minutes a day to creating blog and article content. Just 15 minutes a day would sometimes go up to 45 minutes or more. To beat procrastination, you need to make your content creation a habit, like brushing your teeth or going out for a run in the morning. I now spend 15 - 20 minutes on my content creation as part of my morning ritual, without fail, and now it has become a daily habit. To be truthful, I do alternate between blog writing, article writing and product creation work. But it starts as part of the daily ritual.

Writing An Article In Just 15 Minutes

If you have good typing speeds, you should be able to type a 750-word article within 5 minutes or so, but that is not the case here. You should be creating "quality content." You need to research your keywords and your competitor's content - before writing the articles. You should always do this the day before.

Do a search of the keywords on the article topic you are thinking of writing the next day. This should be done immediately after you finish writing the article for this day. Everything will be fresh in your mind from the article you just finished. You may want the articles to build on one another. Sometimes it may be a completely new topic. Write down the extra keyword suggestions given by Google for use as your main keyword. Then open up the top ranking news, content, videos and images for the keyword and use that for the subject of your next article. You can also use Twitter and Facebook to search for the hash tags that are related to your keyword.

Doing all of this will give you a bird's-eye view of the content that is available online for the keywords you should be searching for. Using hash tags, you can find the most shared and read articles on Facebook and Twitter. Copy the title of the articles and the important highlights of the articles body. You can also pick the best ranking pictures that are available for your keywords. You need to open up a new word document and paste the pictures, titles and highlights you gathered from multiple sources. What you now have is the skeleton of an excellent article.

Write your article from your reader's perspective

The article in your competitors website is probably a well researched one, which is why it is ranking in the search engines. You can create an even better article by going through the comments on the articles in your competitor's articles and blog posts, and begin to see the mindset of their readers. Find out what the readers want. In the case of news articles and topics related to politics, you can almost find out the political leanings of the person commenting on the news item. Write down the suggestion or ideas that the readers are suggesting for the articles. Go through the most liked comments on Facebook and write those down, too.

That's it! That is all the work you should have to do to prepare for writing your article the next day. This is how you can build the skeleton or outline of your next article. That's all of the hard work (which really is not all that hard).

The next morning, sit down and start writing the article (or, if you are doing everything the same morning, take a break if you want to). If you are doing the things I just mentioned, you can write an article efficiently within 15-20 minutes.

If possible, create a video for the article you just created (not longer than 3 minutes). The videos are helpful for some of your readers who may not want to read your articles at that moment. You should load the videos into YouTube and link them back to your article and blog site (Google loves you when you do that - and will reward you with increase SEO rankings)!

Post your articles with the hash tag based on the comments of your competitor's articles. This will help you to get some initial hits and shares.

Avoid the typical excuse of "I don't have the time to write." I have just shown you how to do it while drinking a cup of coffee! And you should be able to have the article finished, uploaded and begin researching tomorrow's article - before the coffee gets cold.