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Lemur facts and informationLemurs are primates native to the island of Madagascar, a big island of the south east coast of Africa.

There are about 10 completely different species of lemurs inhabit the island the place lemurs spend most of their time in bushes. Lemurs are well-known for his or her massive, spherical eyes and reflective howling screams.

Lemur additionally has a furry, pointy ears and an extended tail, with lemurs are sometimes in contrast to each monkeys and squirrels.

The lemurs will eat most issues smaller than fruits, nuts and leaves for bugs and spiders and due to this fact lemurs which have omnivorous weight-reduction plan.

Lemur get most of their food from the bushes round it, however typically it’ll lemurs feed for grub on the forest ground in the event that they have been unfortunate within the branches. Black and white Ruffed Lemur, reddish mouse lemur, woolly lemurs, aye aye and ring tailed lemur is without doubt one of the most typical species of lemur present in Madagascar.

Although the Aye Aye lemur species thought-about to be very completely different from the others, particularly for the reason that center finger size aye aye makes use of to get food out of the outlet.

There are 4 predominant sorts of lemurs accommodates almost 100 completely different subspecies of lemur amongst them. The greatest menace to lemurs is deforestation, with about 90% of Madagascar’s forests have been destroyed. This signifies that the inhabitants is declining quickly due lemur lemurs have fewer bushes to make log houses

The Madagascar’s prime predator, the fossa, can be a significant menace to lemurs, resembling lemurs are one of many favourite meals a fossa. Lemurs have quick reactions and very agile permitting fossa to attempt to escape, however the fossa is a quick animal very cussed and lightening, so lemurs usually make dinner.

The species mostly identified is the ring tailed lemur lemur. with a really distinctive lemurs with markings of black and white rings on the tail lemur. Ring tailed lemurs have grey feathers and white ear tufts.

Lemur small-medium sized grownup primates with lemurs grew up about 70 cm (plus their lengthy tails which are typically almost all of the lemur’s physique). Lemur additionally has sharp claws on their ft that enable the lemurs to maintain the branches of a tree, very helpful when the lemurs are attempting to escape from the hungry fossa.

Lemurs are one of many few animals that dwell in matriarchal society, which means that feminine lemurs have extra management over the group than male lemurs.

Lemur teams, nevertheless, behave in a fashion very related to that of different primates as they feed and one other man, and sleep shut to one another. It isn’t identified why the lemur exhibit a uncommon type of social construction.