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100+ Thanksgiving Messages for Friends from the Heart 2018

100+ Thanksgiving Messages for Friends from the Heart 2018

Woah! Thanksgiving is indeed here again, beautiful ones. Another time to be gathered together as one big family and be grateful for all that we’ve been blessed with.
It’s a period we get to spend together again, after months of being apart, facing life and all that it throws.

And gathering at this time of the year, we give thanks to God for all that we have, that He’s given and blessed us with.
We also hope and wish for better things in the coming year.

We know that you won’t be able to spend Thanksgiving with all your friends, as each person would want to be with his/her immediate family.
So, we have prepared for you, a 100+ cute Thanksgiving messages that will sweeten the hearts of your friends.
They’ll believe you hold them dear to be remembered in this busy but important period of sharing love.

We do hope you have fun with members of your family and catch up on a whole lotta lost time, while each of you have been away.
Make your choice from the list of messages we have for your friends.
And please, share.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cute Thanksgiving Messages for Friends from the Heart for 2018.

Thanksgiving Message to Best Friends

The best of thanksgiving message wishes and quotes for your best of friends.

1. My dear friend, I do hope that you have every reason to be grateful this season. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

2. Even as the year runs out, enjoy the rest of it with your family this season and bask in the love for each other. Happy Thanksgiving to you, friend.

3. May God’s peace that passes human knowledge, be made available to you in abundance, even in this lovely period. Happy Thanksgiving, best friend.

4. Oh dear! We have every reason to be grateful, don’t we? We have the grace to come together again as one. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

5. May this year’s Thanksgiving usher in an abundance of blessings for you. And may you never lack any good thing in the coming year. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

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6. Yay! It’s another Thanksgiving. Another time to gather as one and revel in the euphoria of seeing each other after a long while. Happy Thanksgiving day, friend.

7. I cherish you, my special friend and I’m so glad we’ve survived this year and its troubles. Welcome the new year already. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

8. To my dear friend, you’re all shades of awesome, my dear and I’m so glad our paths crossed. Happy Thanksgiving, dear.

9. This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for quite a number of things. You inclusive. I’m so glad you’re my friend. Happy Thanksgiving, dear.

10. We’ve been through quite a number of things this year, but we’ll be out of it, stronger. And so we’re grateful. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

11. Since this is a special time of the year, I wanna thank you, a special person, for being such a wonderful friend this year. Happy Thanksgiving, best friend.

12. This moment, I wanna tell you how important you are to me. Thank you for all that you do, my darling friend. Happy Thanksgiving.

13. Dear friend. I would never trade you for anything. You’re so dear to me. And on this occasion, I pray all good things will be yours for keep. Happy Thanksgiving, dark.

14. Next year, very blessed then, I’ll make sure I get to thank you for all that you do, dearie. You’ve been wonderful. I wish you and your family a very beautiful time together. Happy Thanksgiving, dear.

15. Hi dear. I’m sending a lot of hugs your way. I hope you get them and that you have a swell Thanksgiving time with your family. Happy Thanksgiving, dear.

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16. A heartfelt thanksgiving to a dear friend of high importance. Enjoy your stay at home with every single relative you get a chance with. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

17. For everything beautiful that you’ve brought in my life alongside your presence, I’m grateful, darling. This is another Thanksgiving. God bless us all. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

18. We’ve really gone beyond being just friends and I sometimes, marvel at the fact that we relate more like siblings. To my best friend, I say, happy Thanksgiving.

19. My friend, I hope that you will make the most of this Thanksgiving and bond when the door opens for that. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

20. May happenings in this beautiful period be ones that we will turn into beautiful memories. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friend.

21. You’re strong, and you pulled through the year with a positive attitude. I’m sure you’ll even be stronger in the coming year. Happy Thanksgiving, best friend.

22. Thanksgiving, another time to reflect on the ending year, it’s highs and lows and we end up being grateful for we have enough reasons to be. Happy Thanksgiving day, friend.

23. While being grateful, we tend to forget all our needs. If only we stop complaining, we’d realise that we have enough to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

24. It’s another time when you’ll get to see your people and you will be all over them. My regards to each and person in the family, dear. Happy Thanksgiving.

25. A friend turn relative. Beautiful, inside out. I wish you every good thing, this season and beyond. Happy Thanksgiving.

26. You’re such a darling and I’m grateful for your very presence in my life in this year full of a lot of trials. It’s another Thanksgiving and I’m thankful I have you. Happy Thanksgiving, best friend.

27. We’re a family now. Blood ties didn’t matter when we chose to be friends with each other and I don’t regret my decision to be your friend. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

28. Even a month each year is not enough to show Thanksgiving for all that we’ve been blessed with, my friend. So whatever chance we get, we’ll make it count. Happy Thanksgiving day, friend.

29. I encourage you, my friend, to not dwell on things you do not have. And be thankful for all that you’ve got. It’s another Thanksgiving. Are you thankful? Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

30. Without a sincere heart of gratitude, even months set aside for thanksgiving would seem useless to the One who has blessed us. This season, let’s be intentional about giving thanks. Happy Thanksgiving, best friend.

31. Do not limit your thanksgiving to the Thanksgiving season only, dear friend. Let our Thanksgiving be at all times because indeed, we have a whole lot to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

32. This is another season to be grateful. And yes. To give. Let’s make an habit of giving this season. Happy Thanksgiving to you, friend.

33. When we celebrate Thanksgiving, we thank God for all that we have, all we are going to have and all that He would still bless us with in future times. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

34. When we give thanks for whatever we have, however little we think it is, we get more. More than we already have. Happy Thanksgiving day, friend.

35. We don’t just show our appreciation by the fruit of her lips, we live our appreciation. We live and show our thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving day, friend.

36. This thanksgiving, let us pray for peace in the world. When the rest of the world around us is at peace, we’re peaceful too. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

37. It’s Thanksgiving today. Have you given Thanks? It isn’t just to gather together to catch fun. We should give thanks too. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

38. I hope that you get to enjoy each moment spent with every member of your family today. Because another gathering like this would be at the end of the coming year. Happy Thanksgiving, best friend.

39. I do hope that you have a blessed Thanksgiving. And that you get to be grateful for each and everything you have. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

40. Even though we are not together physically, our hearts beat together. I’m sure you would have a great time with your family. Happy Thanksgiving day, friend.

41. Hi friend, I wish you a pleasant holiday season and may you get more reasons to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

42. Hi! Stop! Count your blessings! Number them! Surprised at the number of blessings you’ve got? Most times, until we have a deep reflection, we would never know how blessed we are. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

43. This Thanksgiving, everything looks beautiful because they are actually beautiful. We just haven’t had eyes to see them. Happy Thanksgiving, honey.

44. I know how glad you are about this season. May everything you eat taste as good as you want them and even better. Happy Thanksgiving, baby.

45. This is a period of appreciation. To appreciate God for all that you have and people around you for all that they do. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

46. I’m grateful for the wonderful friends who surround me. Friends I’m blessed with. It’s been a swell year with you guys. Lotta love from me! Happy Thanksgiving!

47. This is my very sincere gratitude for being here each time I need you even when I do not call on you for help. Happy Thanksgiving, my best friend.

48. This season I wish you three priceless jewels; faith to hold on in trials, hope for a better tomorrow and love for all and sundry. Happy Thanksgiving, dearie.

49. May the rest of the year and the new one bring a lot of blessings for you. Blessings you would have no control over. Happy Thanksgiving day to you, my friend.

50. I wish you an abundance of blessings, joy, favour, wealth, peace and every other good thing of life this season and beyond. Happy Thanksgiving, best friend.

Written By Oluwashanu Mayowa.