300+ Wierdest Animals of 21st Century

Topify List provide a list of strange animals, top animals you might probably not aware of before. A compendium list of top weird animals everyone should know, and every zoo should consider adding to their animal possession.

We’d previously listed 50 sort of amphibians here, about 75 sort of Reptiles some 200+ mammalian animals, while we tried to see to some 200+ types of birds here. If that wasn’t enough, Topify did as much to get you familiar with 199 Dog Breeds you probably don’t know if their existence.
Traditionally, scientists have classified life on earth into five different kingdoms based primarily on shared characteristics. Ever since, it has undergone many modifications. This classification or sorting is hierarchical, starting with the kingdom level, followed by phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. In fact, organisms are named by a two-word system, the genus followed by the specific epithet, which together give the species’ scientific name. For example, the European honeybee’s scientific name is Apis (genus) mellifera (specific epithet).
While on a “vox-pop” for this article, we discovered that most people in our society, even a great number of elites were only aware of “domestic animals” and a few of “wild animals” which is glaring and safe to conclude that greater percentage of animals in the wilderness, fishes in gigantic seas and oceans, and so on are not known. However, all animals they could name are:

  • Monkey
  • Goat
  • Cockroach
  • Lion
  • Lizard
  • Dog
  • Bear
  • Horse
  • Rabbit
  • Antelope
  • Wall Gecko
  • Fish
  • Crocodile
  • Buffalo
  • Elephant and sort of
  • The scientists who study animals are known as zoologists, and these are people who unravel the mysteries of the animal kingdom. Scientists, by their very nature, have an urge to categorize and order the things they study, and zoologists are no exception. Ross Piper (2007) in his book Extraordinary Animals: An Encyclopedia of Curious and Unusual Animals confirms that “All animal life may be divided into 38 different categories, or phyla. Each phylum contains animals that in one way or another are very similar, and they may be grouped by shared physical characteristics or genetic similarities. Animals are continually being shifted within and between these phyla as scientists understand more about DNA and genetics. It has to be remembered that these phyla are a construct of the human mind and are merely an abstraction that allows us to make sense of the natural world. The number of species within these phyla is a huge bone of contention. Estimates range from 1.5 million to 100 million, but we may never know the true number.”
    Anyway, regardless of the human need to categorize and identify things, it goes without saying that animals are a source of intense interest for a large percentage of the population. Perhaps this stems from the more primitive days of the human race when we lived in much greater harmony with nature. Before the days of agriculture and even civilization, our forebears would not have lasted long without a thorough understanding of the animals that shared their environment— which species they could use for food and which species they should avoid.
    Today, most people’s interest in animals begins in childhood with the creatures found in a typical backyard, inevitably, the ones lovingly described as creepy-crawlies—the insects and their relatives. These animals are easy to find and easy to keep in glass jars. This fascination with bugs grows, and before long, you find yourself reading about other animals, some of which you will probably never see but whose origins, diversity, and astonishing lives amaze you.
    Now back to subject on course, with the number of available animals around, counting based on classification or whatever, the vertebrates and invertebrates; reptiles, amphibian, mammals (small or large); fishes, creepy-crawlies, lobster and shrimps. Below is the careful selection of top animals you are not aware of which are existing.

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    313 Interesting Animals List

    1. Silver Dollar
    2. Crappie
    3. Smallmouth Bass
    4. Flagtail Prochilodus
    5. Small Mouth Buffalo
    6. Splitnose Rockfish
    7. Spotted Scat
    8. Striped Seaperch
    9. Sunfish
    10. Tambaqui (Black Pacu)
    11. Blue Dolphin Cichlid
    12. Leopard Shark
    13. Red Piranha
    14. Bluegill
    15. Bowfin
    16. California Sheephead Wrasse
    17. Canary Rockfish
    18. Channel Catfish
    19. China Rockfish
    20. Pacific Spotted Shrimp
    21. Purple Sea Urchin
    22. Red Turban Snail
    23. Copper Rockfish
    24. Flag Cichlid
    25. Flathead Catfish
    26. Freshwater Drum
    27. Garibaldi
    28. Granulated Catfish
    29. Green Severum
    30. Green Sunfish
    31. Hard Bellied Silver Dollar
    32. Kelp Greenling
    33. Lake Malawi Cichlid
    34. Lake Sturgeon
    35. Redclawed Emperor Scorpion
    36. Rose Sea Star
    37. Archerfish
    38. Bigmouth Buffalo fish
    39. Chocolate Cichlid
    40. Common Carp
    41. Lake Victoria Cichlid
    42. Sunbird
    43. Longnose Gar
    44. Madagascar Cichlid
    45. Madagascar Rainbowfish
    46. Mono (Diamond fish)
    47. Muskellunge
    48. Northern Pike
    49. Parrot Cichlid
    50. Pirapatinga (Red Pacu)
    51. Plecostomus
    52. Pumpkinseed Sunfish
    53. Quillback Rockfish
    54. Red Hook Metynnis
    55. Largemouth Bass
    56. Redtail Catfish
    57. Rock Bass
    58. Shiner Perch
    59. Bat Sea Star
    60. Black Turban Snail
    61. Brazilian Black Tarantula
    62. Clonal Plumose Anemone
    63. Fish-Eating anemone
    64. Florida Keys Centipede
    65. Giant Pacific Octopus
    66. Lined Red Chiton
    67. Shortnose Gar
    68. Tanganyika Catfish
    69. Tanganyika Cichlid
    70. Tanganyika Killifish
    71. Tiger Rockfish
    72. Walleye
    73. White Bass
    74. Yellow Perch
    75. African Spurred Tortoise
    76. Arrau Turtle
    77. Black Tree Monitor
    78. Brazilian Rainbow Boa
    79. Bull Snake
    80. Chinese Alligator
    81. Common Map Turtle
    82. Eastern Fox Snake
    83. Eastern Hognose Snake
    84. Eastern Massasauga
    85. Eastern Milksnake
    86. Desert Spiny Lizard
    87. Eastern Ribbon Snake
    88. Fly River Turtle
    89. Flying Snake
    90. Giant South American River Turtle/Arrau River Turtle
    91. Grand Cayman Iguana
    92. Green Anaconda
    93. Green Crested Basilisk
    94. Green Tree Python
    95. King Cobra
    96. Madagascar Giant Day Gecko
    97. McCord’s Snake-Necked Turtle
    98. Mexican Beaded Lizard
    99. Mexican Moccasin
    100. Ouachita Map Turtle
    101. Painted Turtle
    102. Prehensile-Tailed Skink
    103. Red-Eared Slider
    104. Reunion Chameleon
    105. Rhinoceros Viper
    106. Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle
    107. Royal/Ball Python
    108. San Esteban Island Chuckwalla
    109. Scheltopusik/Glass Lizard
    110. Spotted Turtle
    111. Timber Rattlesnake
    112. Western Rat snake
    113. Wood Turtle
    114. Yellow-Footed Tortoise
    115. Chacoan Horned Frog
    116. Dwarf Siren
    117. Eastern Hellbender
    118. Eastern Tiger Salamander
    119. Green-and-black Poison Frog
    120. Lesser Siren
    121. Coconut Crab
    122. Tomato Frog
    123. Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog
    124. American Oystercatcher
    125. Bali Mynah
    126. Bearded Barbet
    127. Beautiful Fruit Dove
    128. Black Naped Fruit Dove
    129. Black-necked Stilt
    130. Blacksmith Plover
    131. Blue-bellied Roller
    132. Blue-grey Tanager
    133. Blue Ground Pigeon
    134. Boat-billed Heron
    135. Cape Thick-knee
    136. Caribbean Flamingo
    137. Chestnut Teal
    138. Chilean Flamingo
    139. Common Moorhen
    140. Common Peafowl
    141. Congo Peafowl
    142. Crested Screamer
    143. Crested Wood Partridge
    144. Egyptian Plover aka Crocodile Bird
    145. Fairy Bluebird
    146. Gentoo Penguin
    147. Golden-breasted Starling
    148. Green Heron
    149. Green-naped Pheasant Pigeon
    150. Hamerkop
    151. Hooded Merganser
    152. Hooded Pitta
    153. Hottentot Teal
    154. Humboldt Penguin
    155. Inca Tern
    156. King Vulture
    157. Laysan Teal
    158. Luzon Bleeding Heart Dove
    159. Madagascar Teal
    160. Mandarin Duck
    161. Marbled Teal
    162. Masked Lapwing
    163. Micronesian Kingfisher
    164. Nicobar Pigeon
    165. Pale-mandibled Aracari
    166. Pekin Robin
    167. Plush-crested Jay
    168. Red-billed Hornbill
    169. Red Crested Cardinal
    170. Red-legged Honeycreeper
    171. Rhinoceros Hornbill
    172. Ringed Teal
    173. Rockhopper Penguin
    174. Scarlet Ibis
    175. Spangled Cotinga
    176. Speckled Mousebird
    177. Spotted Whistling Duck
    178. Sunbittern
    179. Superb Starling
    180. Taveta Golden Weaver
    181. Trumpeter Swan
    182. Turquoise Tanager
    183. Violet Turaco
    184. Waldrapp Ibis
    185. White-bellied Stork
    186. White-crested Laughing Thrush
    187. White-eared Bulbul
    188. White-faced Whistling Duck
    189. White-headed Buffalo Weaver
    190. White-throated Laughing Thrush
    191. Whooping Crane
    192. Barhead Spinefoot
    193. Blotched Foxface
    194. Emu
    195. Flame Angelfish
    196. Laughing Kookaburra
    197. Lionfish
    198. Longspined Black Sea Urchin
    199. Mat Anemone
    200. Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo
    201. Peacock Clownfish
    202. Red Kangaroo
    203. Reef Fish Tanks
    204. Six Line Wrasse
    205. Alaskan Brown Bear
    206. American Elk
    207. Grizzly Bear
    208. Harbor Seal
    209. North American Black Bear
    210. Polar Bear
    211. Water Spider
    212. Symbion
    213. Platypus
    214. Reindeer
    215. Sandhill Crane
    216. African Hedgehog
    217. African Straw Colored Fruit Bat
    218. Ayearshire Cow
    219. Barred Owl
    220. Belted Galloway Cow
    221. Black-and-white Milking Holstein Cow
    222. Bull Snake
    223. Chinchilla
    224. Corn Snake
    225. Surin Toad
    226. Warble Flies
    227. Hermit Crab
    228. Spider Monkey
    229. Olm
    230. Eastern American Toad
    231. Eastern Fox Snake
    232. Eastern Tiger Salamander
    233. Ferret
    234. Florida Box Turtle
    235. Grey Squirrel
    236. Guinea Hog
    237. Guinea Pig
    238. Honeybee
    239. Coelacanth
    240. Leopard Gecko
    241. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
    242. Mexican Fireleg Tarantula
    243. Milking Shorthorn
    244. North American Porcupine
    245. Ornate Box Turtle
    246. Red-and-white Milking Holstein Cow
    247. Red-tailed Hawk
    248. Sicilian Donkey
    249. Scottish Highland Cow
    250. Tiger Salamander
    251. Woodchuck
    252. African Lion
    253. Amur Tiger
    254. Caracal
    255. Cheetah
    256. Jaguar
    257. Red Panda
    258. Snow Leopard
    259. Spotted Hyena
    260. Alpaca
    261. African Elephant
    262. African Spurred Tortoise
    263. Bactrian Camel
    264. Baird’s Tapir
    265. Cinereous Vulture
    266. Common Waterbuck
    267. Eastern Bongo
    268. Greater Kudu
    269. Hippopotamus
    270. Impala
    271. Malayan Tapir
    272. Marabou Stork
    273. Plains Zebra
    274. Red River Hog
    275. Reticulated Giraffe
    276. South American Yellow-footed Tortoise
    277. Southern Black Rhinoceros
    278. Southern Ground Hornbills
    279. Yellow-Backed Duiker
    280. Bonobo
    281. Western Lowland Gorilla
    282. Black-handed Spider Monkey
    283. Eastern Black-and-white Colobus
    284. Goeldi’s Monkey
    285. Japanese Macaque
    286. Mandrill
    287. Orangutan
    288. Siamang
    289. Wattled Curassow
    290. African Straw-colored Fruit Bat
    291. Common Vampire Bat
    292. Cotton-top Tamarin
    293. Douroucouli (Owl or Night Monkey)
    294. Dwarf Mongoose
    295. Fennec Fox
    296. Goeldi’s Monkey
    297. Golden Lion Tamarin
    298. Kinkajou
    299. Mohol Bushbaby
    300. Potto
    301. Red Ruffed Lemur
    302. Ring-tailed Lemur
    303. Ruwenzori Long-haired Fruit Bat
    304. Slender-tailed Meerkat
    305. Southern Three-banded Armadillo
    306. Springhaas
    307. Sugar Glider
    308. Baird’s Tapir
    309. Cinereous Vulture
    310. Common Waterbuck
    311. Greater Kudu
    312. Marabou Stork
    313. Southern Ground Hornbills
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    Wow! That is it, the list of interesting animals you wouldn’t believe their existence. Don’t hesitate to share with your friends and family, it might be a lovely chance to hype your scrabble game or related activities.
    Now, it your turn. Before reading this, how many animals can you remember off-hand? Comment your list below, just be sincere.


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