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42 Happy Birthday Messages, Wishes & Quotes for Mom

42 Happy Birthday Messages, Wishes & Quotes for Mom – Wishes SMS, Quotes, Cares, Motivational Quotes, Well wishes text messages, etc.

One of the most important person in an individual’s life is the mother, she is the only one that knows you better than you do because she has been there since the moment you open your eyes to this world, she has watch you grow, eat, learn, how to walk, talk and so many more. She deserve the best wishes you can ever think of on her day because she gave you life and bless you with her love.

Mothers are gifts from God and her love is like a divine blessing from above, its only a mother that will make sure you eat before she does, her words of encouragement keeps ringing every time you think you losing it, she’s your best friend when you have none.

Every mother deserves to be celebrated each day especially on their birthday. If you’re looking for that perfect words to say to mom, then you’re at the right place.

Below are wishes for your mom on her birthday:

  1. Mom, you made me the luckiest person on earth by being my mother, I can only be grateful for this lifetime opportunity and on this special day of yours, I pray you live long and continue to be my mother in good health. Happy birthday mom.

  2. Dear mom, whatever I am today is because I have you and you taught me to be myself even in hard times, I wish you nothing more than fulfilled happiness on this special day of yours. I love you mom, Happy birthday mom.

  3. You’re my adviser, my best friend, my everyday love and most important you’re my mother. On this day, I just want you to have the most amazing birthday ever. Happy birthday mom.

  4. On your birthday, I just want to express my love to you, you’re the woman that have sacrificed all her life just to build mine. I’m wishing  you a happy birthday because you’re indeed the world best mom. Have a blast mom.

  5. I call you my guardian angel because you’ve been with me even before my first steps and till now you’ve made sure I’m always taking the right steps. On your Special day, I just want to send my love to you just to make sure you have a wonderful birthday, Happy birthday mom.

  6. Happy birthday to the world most caring, beautiful , amazing person on earth. Mom, words cannot describe how amazing you are. I just want you to have a day as amazing as you are. I love you lots.

  7. When I think of you, I feel I can achieve anything because you’re my strength. I love you more than words can explain and today I want you to have a very lovely birthday. Happy Birthday momma.

Wishes for Mom
Wishes for Mom

Short Wishes For Mom On Her Birthday

  1. To the most pretty woman I’ve ever set my eyes on – Happy birthday mom, I love you.

  2. You’re the precious gift heaven has given to me and I just want to celebrate you over and over again. Happy birthday mom.

  3. If an Angel ask me to make a wish today, I’ll just ask for good health and more prosperity for another Angel on earth and that’s you mom. Happy birthday my angel.

  4. Mom, on this day, I just want to pray you live long and continue to eat the food of your labor. Happy birthday mom.

  5. To my priceless jewel, have a blast on your birthday. I love you mom.

  6. To the most adorable mom on earth, I wish you a prosperous birthday. Have a blast mom.

  7. Happy birthday mom, may you live long enough to enjoy all the goodness that comes with age. Happy birthday my superwoman. Love you lots mom.

  8. Mom you light everyone’s life with your amazing smile, I wish you a very sweet birthday that’s as sweet as you mom. Happy birthday.

  9. I hope today brings you happiness and laughter forever. I’m so proud to call you my mom. I love you so much my superwoman.

  10. Mom, you’re exceptional and phenomenal in every aspect, I just want you to have a day as phenomenal as you are. Happy birthday my first love.

Wishes for Mom
Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

Long Wishes For Mom On Her Birthday

  1. Dear mom, I would be forever thankful to God for giving me a priceless gift and that is you mom, I love you so much and I want you to have the best on this special day. Happy birthday mom.

  2. Dear mom, forever would I be thankful for the love you showed me when everyone gave up on me , your words of encouragement is my watchword and you unfailing advises are what I hold on to. I just want you to have an amazing birthday full of love. Happy birthday mom. I love you so much.

  3. To everyone I’m grown already but to you I’m still a kid, you gave me warm hugs when the world gave me a cold shoulder, you gave me Peace in times of trouble, hopes in times of failure and love in times of hatred. I’m just so lucky to have you. On your day today, I want you to have the best birthday anyone can ever imagine. I love you mom.

  4. Mom , on your birthday, I just want to thank you for being the most important part of me, you made me who I am today and I’ve been walking  in the path you showed me. You made me the luckiest person on earth by being my mom and I am forever grateful for this lifetime opportunity, thank you for always being amazing and surprising and I want you to have the best of today. Happy birthday my mother. Love you lots.

Sweet Wishes For Mom On Her Birthday

  1. Dear mom, I’m happy to call my my mother because you fill my life with love and laughter. You made me an amazing person because I was loved my an amazing woman, you’re my one in a million and I cherish you everyday of my life.  Happy birthday dearest mom. I love you now and forever.

  2. Mom, most kids grew up watching superheroes in movies but I grew up watching a live superhero different from the ones in the movies, a woman strong enough to save her kids in times of troubles and that is you mom. You have been my superhero and always will be. Happy birthday my superhero.

  3. Anytime I feel like I’m on a wrong path , all I do is just to think about all you’ve taught me , your words of encouragement makes me push further and keeps giving me hope . I’m happy to call you my mother. Happy birthday mom. Thank you for always being there .

  4. To the most amazing, outstanding, caring, loving, strongest woman – mom, words cannot qualify how amazing you are to me. You devoted your life to make mine, you made my Challenges your Challenges and you share in every joy I have, I can’t thank you enough. I just wish you a day as all that I’ve listed above. Happy birthday mom.

  5. Dear mom, on your special day, I just want to write a text full of how much I cherish you , you’re my strength when I was weak, you’re my air when I couldn’t breath, you’re the shoulder I lean on and the only person I run to in times of trouble, words can’t explain how much you mean to me. I can just pray to God to grant you long life and have many amazing years ahead .I love you mom.
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Below are 40th Birthday wishes for mom:

  1. Whenever I look at you, it’s hard to believe you’re 40 already, you look 16 to me everyday. Happy birthday my never growing old mom. I love you lots.

  2. Dear mom, it’s great honor to be by your side when you are having one of the most important moments of your life. Happy 40th birthday mom.

  3. Hurray, mom is 40 already, I wish you the whole goodies of life that comes with 40, have an amazing 40th birthday. I love you mom.

  4. Mom, you look younger than most of my friend and I find it hard to believe you’re already 40, keep looking radiant like a sun. Happy 40th birthday mom. Have a blast.

  5. Mom, you’re my joy, my source of happiness. I find true love in you and I’m so proud to have you as my mother. Happy 40th birthday mom. Love you always.

  6. I just want to be a good mother to my kids as you’re to me, you’ve been my source of wisdom and I want to grow up to be like you. Happy 40th birthday mom.

  7. Happy birthday mother, you gave me more than I can ever ask for, keep rocking at 40. Love you lots.

  8. Dear mom, if you need someone to remind you of how amazing you are. Kindly give me call if I’m not there. Happy 40th birthday mom.

  9. Have a great 40th birthday, I wish you 40 with prosperity and more long-life. I love you lots mom.

  10. To the greatest mom on earth, I just want to wish you an amazing 40th birthday. Love you.

Long 40th Birthday wishes for mom:

  1. Mom, throughout my existence, I’ve watched you grow stronger and become better each day, I’ve grown to see the most cheerful woman on earth. Happy 40th birthday mom . Love you lots.

  2. Life gave me an exceptional gift, different from others and that directly made me the luckiest person on earth, that gift is you mom and I’m forever grateful. Happy 40th birthday mom. Love you forever !

  3. Dear mom, I’m a product of your upbringings and your words of encouragements, You’re indeed a role model and I look up to you everyday of my life. Happy 40th birthday my role model. I love you mom.

  4. Dear mom, it’s a great achievement to be 40, so many have wished to run this race but you are one of the lucky ones, I’m glad because I’m here to celebrate it with you, I wish you length of years mom. Happy 40th birthday.

  5. Mom, nothing makes me more happy than seeing your face full of smiles, on your 40th birthday today, I just want a face full of smile and I’m sure that will make my day. Happy 40th birthday mother. Have a blast.

  6. On your 40th birthday mom, I just want to tell you how proud I am to call you my mother, you’re the strongest woman I’ve ever met and the most hardworking woman I know. I’m so glad you’ve achieved all your ever wished for and I’m happy on all of your accomplishments. Happy birthday mom.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom
Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

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