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75 Colourful But Scary Reptiles

List of Reptiles. What is the difference between amphibians and reptiles? How many are the reptiles? In our previous articles, we listed 50 sort of amphibians here, some 200+ mammalian animals, while we tried to see to some 200+ types of birds here. If that wasn’t enough, Topify did as much to get you familiar with 199 Dog Breeds you probably don’t know if their existence (see also our list of 313 top strange animals).

However, the fact remains that the difference between amphibians and reptiles is that reptiles exhibit a suite of characteristics understandable as adaptations to life on land at increasing distance from water. Although many species of amphibians live on land in adulthood, most have an aquatic larval stage, and few can exist for long without moisture even during their terrestrial stages of life.

Amphibians are tied to water—most species are not found more than a few meters from water or from moist soil, humus, or vegetation. Reptiles of many species are relatively liberated from water and can inhabit both mesic (moist) and xeric (dry) environments. Reptiles need water for various physiological processes, as do all living things, but some reptiles can obtain the water they need from the foods they eat and through conservative metabolic processes without drinking or by drinking only infrequently.

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List of Reptiles

  1. Pig-nose turtles
  2. Australo-American sideneck turtles
  3. Seaturtles
  4. Snapping turtles
  5. Central American river turtles
  6. Leatherback seaturtles
  7. New World pond turtles
  8. Eurasian pond
  9. River turtles
  10. Neotropical wood turtles
  11. American mud
  12. Musk turtles
  13. African sideneck turtles
  14. Big-headed turtles
  15. Afro-American river turtles
  16. Tortoises
  17. Softshell turtles
  18. Gharials
  19. Alligators
  20. Caimans
  21. Crocodiles
  22. False gharials
  23. Tuatara
  24. Angleheads
  25. Calotes
  26. Dragon lizards
  27. Chameleons
  28. Anoles
  29. Iguanas
  30. Geckos
  31. Pygopods
  32. Blindskinks
  33. Wormlizards
  34. Mole-limbed wormlizards
  35. Florida wormlizards
  36. Spade-headed wormlizards
  37. Night lizards
  38. Wall lizards
  39. Rock lizards
  40. Microteiids
  41. Whiptail lizards
  42. Tegus
  43. Girdled and plated lizards
  44. Skinks
  45. Alligator lizards
  46. Galliwasps
  47. Glass lizards
  48. Knob-scaled lizards
  49. Gila monsters
  50. Mexican beaded lizards
  51. Goannas
  52. Earless monitors
  53. Early blindsnakes
  54. Slender blindsnakes
  55. Blindsnakes
  56. False blindsnakes
  57. Shieldtail snakes
  58. Pipe snakes
  59. False coral snakes
  60. Sunbeam snakes
  61. Neotropical sunbeam snakes
  62. Boas
  63. Pythons
  64. Splitjaw snakes
  65. Woodsnakes
  66. Spinejaw snakes
  67. File snakes
  68. Vipers
  69. Pitvipers
  70. African burrowing snakes
  71. Colubrids
  72. Cobras
  73. Kraits
  74. Seasnakes
  75. Death adders
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Note: There are several species under each of the above listed animals. You can see all are in plurals.