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Adon/Adonis God: In Phoenician Mythology

Originally, Adon (Adonis) was a Phoenician god of fertility and resurrection who was related to crops and the seasonal agricultural cycle. His cult turned well-liked in the course of the Hellenistic interval, about 200 B.C.E., and it lasted till in regards to the third or fourth century C.E.Major cult facilities devoted to the god, who was normally portrayed as younger and good-looking, have been situated at Berytus, Aphaca, and Byblos, in what's now Lebanon.

It is the parable of Adon’s dying and rebirth that's mostly recognized. Adon, the consort of the goddess Ashtar (Venus, in Greek custom), was slain by a boar that he was searching. The deadly wound is usually stated to have been to the groin, including to Adon’s status as a fertility deity. After struggling this deadly wound, Adon, just like the Greek Persephone, spent fall and winter of every year within the underworld.

In late spring, the river recognized right now as Nahr Ibrahim flows pink from minerals stirred up by spring rains. This phenomenon was taken to be a miracle by Adon’s monks and worshipers, who then celebrated his dying and resurrection. During the first a part of the competition, the monks made a ritual present of mourning Adon’s dying, up to and together with gashing themselves with knives. The competition proceedings then switched to a joyous celebration of Adon’s return to a brand new life. The monks ritually shaved their heads to point out a brand new starting.

The Greek story of Venus and Adonis was well-known by means of the Renaissance; Shakespeare wrote a prolonged poem titled Venus and Adonis. Gradually, the identify Adonis misplaced a lot of its mythic energy. Today, it's typically used to refer merely to a good-looking younger man