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Aetheopis/Aithiopis: Greek Folk Tales

The Aetheopis , or Aithiopis , is a misplaced epic of historical Greece, probably relationship from the seventh century B.C.E.This epic poem in regards to the Trojan War fits chronologically between Homer’s Iliad and the nameless Little Iliad.

The Aetheopis begins quickly after the demise of the Trojan prince and hero Hector. The queen of the Amazons, Penthesileia, daughter of the conflict god, Ares, arrived at Troy to fight on the aspect of the Trojans. Penthesilea fought Achilles, the best Greek warrior—a fight that resulted in her demise.

Later, whereas Achilles was nonetheless stuffed with battle rage, the Greek warrior Thersites made the deadly mistake of taunting him. Thersites claimed that Achilles had been in love with Penthesileia. Achilles was outraged and killed Thersites. This homicide incurred the wrath of the gods and different Greeks, so Achilles was made to endure a ritual purification.

While Achilles was being purified of his sin, one other Trojan ally arrived. Memnon of Ethiopia was the son of Eos, goddess of the daybreak. Memnon wore armor that had been cast by the grasp smith god, Hephaestus, and he led a contingent of warriors. Memnon killed the Greek warrior Antilochos in battle. Antilochos had been shut to Achilles, who returned from his purification to study of his buddy’s demise. Achilles killed Memnon, however Memnon cheated demise when Eos efficiently petitioned Zeus to make her son immortal.

Achilles then rushed into Troy and was killed by an arrow that was shot by Paris, prince of Troy, and guided by the god Apollo. After some fierce fighting, the Greeks managed to drive the Trojans again in order that Odysseus and Aias might retrieve Achilles’s physique.

The Greeks held a funeral for Antilochos and started a ceremony for Achilles. The sea nymph Thetis, Achilles’s mom, arrived together with her sisters and the Muses, who lamented over the physique and carried it away. The epic ends with Achilles’s armor and weapons being provided as a prize to the best hero.