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Ah Puch: Mayan God of Death

Ah Puch (Ahpuch, AhAl puh, Ah-puchAh, To Melt, To Dissolve, To Spoil) is a Mayan god of demise and the patron of the quantity 10, Ah Puch dominated Hunhau, the bottom underworld layer.

As a letter god, he is named God A. He was additionally related to conflict. When Ah Puch is pictured, the flesh on his massive physique is proven decaying; his head may seem like a cranium, or he is likely to be holding a cranium and carrying a necklace of eyeballs round his neck or twisted in his hair.

He is proven with bells and numerous symbols of demise—a Moan fowl (vulture), a screech owl, or a canine. Mayans in the present day know him because the lord of demise, Yum Cim or Yum Cimil, who strikes about to convey sickness and demise. In one delusion he units the soul on hearth after an individual dies, then throws chilly water on the fireplace when the soul cries out in ache. Because the soul cries once more from the chilly water, Ah Puch units it to burn once more.

Again and once more he units the soul afire and abruptly extinguishes it till the soul dissolves. Ah Puch is also referred to as Cizin to the Yucatán Maya and appeared because the twins Hun Came and Vucub Came (One Death and Seven Death; named after days of the sacred calendar) to the Quiché Maya.