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Aimun Kondi: God of the Sovereingty

Aiomun Kondi is the supreme and creator god of the Arawak of Guyana. According to their delusion, way back, Aiomun Kondi made the Earth, the sea, the heavens, and the wind. Then he made the nice silk-cotton tree that unfold extensive and tall so its branches reached the sky. When twigs and bark fell from it, fish and birds and all types of animals, together with people, grew.

They all lived in concord. Because the people ate wild fruit and vegetation, there was no want to hunt the animals, which performed with the kids. The fathers and moms taught the kids how to hunt and fish and farm, though there was no want for these expertise.

The Arawak inhabitants grew. After a time, jealousies fashioned. Envy and all types of wickedness took maintain. Aiomun Kondi was very sad. He warned the people that he would ship an incredible hearth. The few who listened saved themselves by digging caverns in the floor. The survivors have been variety and true, however as the inhabitants grew once more, wickedness once more slipped in.

And once more Aiomun Kondi warned the people, saying that this time he would ship a flood. But the solely one that listened was Marerewana. He constructed an incredible boat, which Aiomun Kondi instructed him to tie to the silk-cotton, or ceiba tree. The flood got here, and all have been washed away apart from Marerewana and his household, who have been protected in the boat tied to the silk-cotton tree.

When the floodwaters subsided, they have been close to the place that they had lived. There they returned to stay and commenced to repopulate the land.