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Aizen-myo-o: Japanese God of Love

Aizen-myo-o , Buddhist Japanese god of love. This love might be bodily love, comparable to want for one more particular person. But in Buddhist theology, Aizen-Myo-o represents love on a better or mental aircraft. He reminds us that want is usually a highly effective pressure for good. The love of data or enlightenment, which Aizen represents, might be an necessary pressure on this planet in addition to for particular person people.

Artists normally present Aizen with three eyes and a lion’s head in his hair. He has six arms, and every arm holds a weapon. Though he appears like a ferocious warrior, Aizen has an amazing love for people and could be very form.

As the phrase myo-o signifies, Aizen is one of the kings of mild, or vidyarajas, in Buddhism. Like the opposite myo-o, Aizen is proven in artwork as a ferocious warrior. But his fashionable descriptions make his kindness apparent.