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Ama-no-ukihashi: Shinto Mythological Bridge To Heaven

Ama-no-ukihashi is believed to be the Floating Bridge that connects heaven and earth in Shinto mythology. Eight roads are historically believed to lead to all locations on earth on the foot of the bridge.

The bridge is guarded by a deity known as the Guardian of the Bridge or Guardian of the Paths, Sarutahiko Ohkami. He decides who shall go and who shall not, and his selections usually are not all the time computerized.

For instance, when the solar goddess Amaterasu despatched her grandson to rule the earth, the guardian blocked the way in which. The goddess Uzume got here to persuade him to let the younger man and his retinue go. Uzume was so spectacular that the guardian requested to marry her. She agreed, and from that day on lived with him on the bridge.

According to the traditional myths, the floating bridge collapsed to earth someday when the entire gods had been sleeping. The jutting space west of Kyoto is claimed by some to be its stays. The Tango-fudoki—one in every of many books of customs and native descriptions the federal government ordered to be written in 713—data this story.

Some students learning the traditional myths imagine the concept of a bridge between heaven and the earth might have been recommended by a rainbow.