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Ameno-Wakahiko  (Amë-nö-Waka-Piko) Shinto Heavenly Young Boy

According to Shinto mythology, Ameno-Wakahiko , or Heavenly Young Boy , is the son of Ama-tu-Kuni- tama-no-Kami. He is a disobedient and treacherous boy, and his failure to comply with orders leads to his premature demise. But his betrayal springs from his love for the land of Japan, which he values greater than the Heavenly High Plain the place he and the opposite gods stay.

According to the kojiki, a chronicle of the Shinto gods, Amaterasu (the Sun Goddess) was perplexed by the chaos within the Land of the Plentiful Reed Plains on earth. The place was overrun with pesky flies, bab- bling rocks, and tree stumps, not to point out unruly earthly gods (kami) who flitted about like sparks of fireside. The Sun Goddess determined that her grandson Ninigi-no-Mikoto ought to rule the land, however first needed to ship a hero god to assess the Challenges, put together the best way, and report again.

Ame-no-Hohi was despatched, however he was sidetracked by his friendship with the earth god, Opo-Kuni-Nusi- no-Kami, who dominated the land. He by no means reported again to heaven. After three years, the Sun Goddess gathered all of the gods collectively and selected one other hero god, Ame-no-Wakahiko (the Heavenly Young Boy), to undertake the mission.

They gods gave the boy a heavenly deer-slaying bow product of pazi wooden and heavenly feathered arrows that at all times hit precisely what was geared toward. But Ame-no-Wakahiko was additionally seduced by the wonder and pure wonders of the Land of the Plentiful Reed Plains. He fell in love with and married Shitat- era-Hime, the daughter of the Shinto god of magic and medication, Okuninushi.

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The Heavenly Young Boy was so glad on earth that he schemed for a method to hold the Land of the Plentiful Reed Plains for himself. One method was to delay the arrival of the true ruler, and so Ame-no- Wakahiko determined he would by no means report again to the gods.
After ready for eight years, the heavenly gods ran out of persistence.

They met once more, and the Omopi- Kane-no-Kami, who was at all times known as on to make the ultimate choices in these issues, determined to ship the pheasant god known as Naki-Me. The chicken flew down from heaven and perched on the department of a sacred Katura or cassis tree close to Ame-no-Wakahiko’s door. There, it started to crow out the query: “Why haven’t you returned for eight years?” The Heavenly Boy’s spouse was afraid of the chicken and warned that it could deliver evil. Using his heavenly bow, Ame-no- Wakahiko shot one in all his magical feathered arrows via the chicken’s coronary heart to kill it.

But the arrow handed proper via the chicken and traveled all the best way to heaven, the place the smart sky god Takami-Musubi discovered it. Recognizing it as one of many arrows given to Ame-no-Wakahiko so a few years earlier than, the smart sky god was troubled by the blood on its feather. He informed the opposite gods that he would throw it again down to earth via the identical arrow-hole it made within the material of heaven. If Ame-no-Wakahiko had not turned to evil and his arrow had not killed Naki-Me, then it could trigger no hurt. “But if he has betrayed us,” Takami-Musubi commanded, “then let this arrow curse him and his descendants.” With that, he thrust the arrow again to earth and killed the traitorous Ame-no-Wakahiko as he was sleeping in his mattress.

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Ame-no-Wakahiko’s spouse was so heartbroken that her wailing and weeping was carried straight to heaven on the wind. It woke everybody from their slumber, together with her husband’s mother and father and relations, who had been horrified by the news. His mother and father descended to the Land of the Plentiful Reed Plains and constructed their son a mo-ya, or mourning home, the place the physique may very well be saved. They select sacred birds—a wild goose, a heron, a kingfisher, a sparrow, and a pheasant—to carry out the burial duties for his or her son’s funeral. (A well-liked perception was that an individual’s soul adjustments right into a chicken after his or her demise.) For eight days and nights, mother and father, buddies, and relations mourned, wept, sang, and danced at Ame-no-Wakahiko’s funeral.

On the eighth day, Aji-Shiki, a pal of their son, got here to pay his respects. Aji-Shiki appeared a lot just like the useless son, that the mother and father had been deluded into considering their son had returned to life. Throwing themselves at Aji-Shiki, they wept and clung to him, till the pal erupted with rage. “How dare you equate me to an unclean corpse?” he demanded. With that, he took his sword, minimize down the mourning home, and kicked it away. When it landed, the influence created the mountain of Mo-Yama.