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Amled/Amleth in Danish Folklore

Amled , or Amleth , was a presumably historic however in all probability was a fictional fifth-century prince of Jutland. Amled’s story is informed in the Gesta Danorum (Story of the Danes), written in the late twelfth century by Saxo Grammaticus. Amled’s story supplied the idea for William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Orvendel, son of a chieftain, was named by King Rork to be the chief of the armies. He married the king’s daughter, Geruth, they usually had a son, Amled. Orvendel’s brother Fenge was jealous of Orvendel’s success. He murdered Orvendel and compelled Geruth to marry him, claiming that he had saved her from a merciless husband.Amled knew that his life was in hazard from his murderous uncle. He feigned madness in order to defend himself. Fenge tried to show that this was merely a ruse by sending a spy to watch Amled together with his mom. Amled killed the spy and raged at his mom for therefore meekly giving in to Fenge. Geruth promised to maintain herself again from Fenge.
Geruth’s resistance led Fenge to additional suspect Amled of treachery. But he couldn't homicide the son after having murdered the daddy, so he despatched Amled to England with two guards. The guards carried a secret message for the king of England that requested the king to kill Amled. Amled managed to swap the
message to one which requested the king to have his daughter marry Amled. The hero killed the 2 guards and charmed the king, successful the hand of the princess.
Amled then returned house to take revenge. He set fire to Fenge’s corridor, killing Fenge’s males, and finally killed Fenge. Amled succeeded Fenge as king of Jutland.
The story of Amled is informed in the 1994 movement image Prinsen af Jylland (Prince of Jutland), known as Royal Deceit in the English model, and a 2002 Danish musical, Amled.