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An/Anu Mythology: Sumerian Sky God

The sky god, An , was one of many principal
deities within the Sumerian pantheon. Known as in Anu Akkadian, his identify was usually written with the cuneiform numerical signal for the quantity sixty. Other gods had been assigned smaller numbers to present their decrease standing.
In some myths, An is taken into account the daddy of the gods, whereas in different cosmological traditions he's the god in control of the heavens following the separation of heaven and Earth.
An seems in plenty of myths. Here are summaries of some frequent tales:

  • The story of Atra-hasis, through which An and a fellow deity, Enlil, grant him everlasting life.
  • The delusion Gilgamesh and the Bull of Heaven, through which An’s daughter, the goddess Inanna, threatens to release the lifeless from the netherworld if she isn't given management over the bull, which she desires to use to punish the hero-king Gilgamesh for spurning her amorous advances.
  • A delusion in regards to the elevation of the goddess Inanna, through which she states that the phrase of An, the daddy of the gods, is the last word authority; that his instructions are the very basis of heaven and Earth; and that it's An who conferred kingship upon earthly rulers.
  • Although the Sumerian mythic custom accords An a spot of prominence, his internal nature isn't clearly defined, and his illustration in historical artwork stays obscure.