Anajé Mythology: The Symbolism and Tale

Anajé is an Amazon phrase for a hawk and a personality who seems in lots of South and Meso-American myths as a logo of a robust hunter and revered warrior.

Anajé is featured in a delusion from the Sateré-Maué tribe within the Tocantins River valley of Brazil. It is ready in an historic time when animals and people might talk and even marry one another. It explains and illustrates the qualities that make a superb husband, particularly the flexibility to present meat, an necessary supply of protein, to his spouse and household.

A younger girl determined it was time to discover a husband. Her mom suggested her that the perfect husband can be Anajé, a good-looking hawk and a superb hunter who lived in a heat nest. The younger girl set off to discover the hawk’s residence.

The first outdated girl she met tried to trick her into marrying her personal son, a gambá or skunk. The younger girl refused, as not solely did the skunk scent unhealthy however he was a poor hunter, bringing residence solely eggs. A second outdated girl tried to deceive her into marrying her son, a buzzard. The younger girl refused, not simply because the buzzard was ugly, but in addition as a result of all he introduced residence have been rodents and different vermin. Finally, she discovered Anajé’s mom, who invited the lady to sit down to a scrumptious meal of roasted birds that Anajé had simply caught.

The hawk and the younger girl fell in love over dinner and have been quickly married. But the buzzard and skunk, whose moms have been offended over not being invited to the marriage, invaded the hawk’s nest, intending to kidnap his bride. Anajé fought each, and together with his sharper beak and stronger claws he slashed the buzzard’s head, who by no means challenged the hawk once more.