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Anansasem Storytelling Tradition In Africa

In the storytelling traditions of the people of
Ghana, Benin, and the Ivory Coast, anansasem are spider tales, a category of folktales named such after the spider trickster Ananse.

Ananse is alleged to have attained the title to all tales after successful a trial set on him by the sky god, Nyankomsem. Ananse was given three supposedly unattainable duties to accomplish, which he did, after all, by trickery.
Stories are referred to as anansasem tales, whether or not the spider takes half within the story or not.

These tales are instructed for group entertainment and are distinguished from myths. They are also referred to as “words of a sky god” in honor of Nyankomsem, the deity who possessed the title for all tales earlier than Ananse gained them.

However, Efua Sutherland wrote the play based mostly on the Anansasem titled, Marriage of Anansewa.