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Anselm's Legacy: Did God Really Exist?

Anselm (c. 1033–1109) a medieval Christian thinker, BENEDICTINE monk who rose to turn out to be archbishop of CANTERBURY, crucial Christian chief in England.

After he died, the Roman Catholic Church officially declared him a SAINT. He is honored on April 21, the date of his demise.

Anselm is remembered most for the way in which he tried to show that GOD exists. He defi ned God as “the greatest object that can be thought of.” Then he argued that, given this defi nition, God had to exist: A God who truly existed can be larger than any God who was solely imagined. Anselm additionally claimed that nobody might know what the phrase “God” means and nonetheless doubt that God existed.

Some people have rejected Anselm’s proof. Among them are the nice Christian theologian Thomas AQUINAS and the vital thinker Immanuel Kant.