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Antero Vipunen In Finnish Mythology

The Finnish earth-giant and smart man,
Antero Vipunen, resided slightly below the topsoil. As he slept, he absorbed nature’s secrets and techniques.

The wizard Vainamoinen was constructing a magic boat and lacked a necessary binding spell. He went to wake Antero Vipunen, who knew the spell and, in some variations of the story, saved the spell in his abdomen. Shouting failed to awaken the enormous, as did shaking him. At final, Vainamoinen poked a department down the enormous’s gullet. Antero Vipunen yawned and swallowed Vainamoinen.

Stuck within the big’s abdomen, Vainamoinen constructed a magic smithy. This finally disturbed Antero Vipunen, who coughed Vainamoinen again out once more, together with the binding spell. The annoyance gone, Antero Vipunen slumbered on.