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Arachne In Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Arachne was a younger girl, probably a princess, who was a magnificent weaver. Her boasting led to her downfall.

Arachne was so nice a weaver that the nymphs got here to watch. Arachne overheard them saying that solely the goddess Athena, patron of weavers, may have educated her. At this, Arachne misplaced her mood and boasted that even Athena couldn't produce such fine weaving.

Athena heard this and was angered by Arachne’s boast. Disguised as an previous girl, she went to Arachne and warned her to watch her phrases. But Arachne introduced that she welcomed an opportunity at a contest of weaving expertise towards Athena.

With that, Athena dropped her disguise and accepted the challenge. Two looms have been arrange, and goddess and mortal girl started their work. Athena wove a ravishing scene of the victory of herself over Poseidon for the town that now bore her title, Athens. Arachne wove an equally lovely scene of the numerous infidelities of Zeus, chief of the gods and Athena’s father. Furious at Arachne for her daring and presumption, Athena ripped the weaving from the loom and willed that Arachne needs to be overcome with guilt. Arachne, devastated, hung herself.

Athena felt a twinge of guilt and introduced Arachne again because the finest of weavers—a spider. The class of animals that features spiders— arachnids—was named after the unlucky Arachne.