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Arianrhod in Welsh Mythology

In pre-Christian mythology, Arianrhod was the niece of Math of Mathonwy, ruler of the dominion of Gwynnedd. Her brother was Gwydion, the heroic magician. Some mythologists theorize that Arianrhod was initially a deity, slightly than a mythologized historic figure.

Arianrhod’s story seems in “Math, Son of Mathonwy,” the fourth department of the Mabinogion, a medieval Welsh assortment of mythology and folklore. Arianrhod was chosen as certainly one of Math’s footholders, a virgin who stored the magical king’s ft from touching the bottom. But Arianrhod failed the virginity take a look at when she stepped over Math’s magic wand, or rod, and immediately bore a son. As quickly because the child boy uttered its first cry, Arianrhod fled, embarrassed or horrified. As she ran away, one thing small fell from her. Gwydion took up the small object, wrapped it in silk, and hid it in a small chest.

Math, in the meantime, had the toddler boy baptized on the sea’s edge, giving him the title Dylan, which suggests Son of the Waves. As quickly because the boy was touched by the ocean, he leaped into the water and swam off, clearly a baby of the ocean people.

The object that Gwydion had placed in the chest was a second fetus that grew in this magical incubator right into a fine boy. Arianrhod refused to title this second son or to present him with weapons, however Gwydion tricked her into arming the boy and giving him the title Lleu Llaw Gyffes (Lleu of the Sure Hand).

According to folklore, a reef off the coast of Gwynnedd known as Caer Arianrhod (Arianrhod Castle). The lore claims that it's all that is still of the citadel the place Arianrhod was tricked into giving Lleu Llaw Gyffes the weapons. Caer Arianrhod can also be an alternate title for the constellation Corona Borealis. Mythologists take into account this to be proof that Arianrhod might have been a deity, as many constellations had been named after deities.