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Asgard Mythology: Highest Realm of Existence in Norse Myth

In Norse mythology, Asgard was one of the
9 realms of existence. It was the best realm in the Norse mythic universe and the homeland of the Aesir, the race of warrior
gods who had been the dominant deities. The chief god was Odin.

Asgard was surrounded by a excessive stone wall that had been constructed by a stonemason known as Blast. The huge plain of Idavoll was placed on the heart of Asgard. This was the location of the interior corridor of Gladsheim (Place of Joy), the place the Aesir gods met in council.

The corridor of the goddesses, known as Vingolf, was additionally inside the partitions of Asgard. Odin’s citadel was the mighty Valhalla. This nice corridor was the place slain mortal heroes had been introduced to proceed coaching and to anticipate the approaching of Ragnarok, the final battle, after they would fight on Odin’s aspect in opposition to the foe.
Bifrost was a rainbow bridge that linked Midgard, the realm of people, with the gate of Asgard. It was made with magic and nice talent by the Aesir and would stand till Ragnarok, when it was foretold that this rainbow bridge would collapse.

At the doorway of Bifrost stood the god Heimdall, the guardian of Asgard. Heimdall’s listening to was so eager that he was in a position to hear grass rising on the mortal earth or wool rising on the again of a mortal sheep. Heimdall additionally may see for 100 miles.
The realms of Vanaheim and Alfheim additionally had been discovered at this highest degree of existence.

Vanaheim was residence to the Vanir, the secondary race of gods, many of whom intermarried with the Aesir. Alfheim was the area of the lios alfar, the elf people of mild. The god Frey, mentioned to be the daddy of the lios alfar, lived at Alfheim. Originally one of the Vanir, Frey was adopted into the Aesir pantheon and had his palace in Alfheim.