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Ash Trees Wonders: World Mythology

The ash tree , significantly the sort that's
frequent to Western Europe, is discovered all through world mythology, specifically in Norse and Celtic myths and folks beliefs.

The phrase ash is believed to derive from a poetic Anglo-Saxon phrase, asec, which suggests spear, or from the Norse title for tree, ask. Alternately, it could derive from the Middle English asshe, from Old English æasc.

Since ash is a tough, sturdy, however flexible wooden, it was typically utilized by the Norse, the Celts, and the Anglo-Saxons to make weapons, resembling spears and axe handles. In Norse mythology, the spears of the gods Odin and Thor had been mentioned to have been manufactured from ash wooden. In the early twentieth century, the wooden of the ash tree was utilized in plane wings.

Both the Norse and the Celts shared a perception that the ash tree was protecting. The mightiest of these in Norse mythology was Yggdrasil, the World Tree, a large ash with roots within the decrease realm, a trunk within the mortal realm, and leaves within the realm of the gods. The Irish Celts believed that three of the five legendary guardian bushes of Ireland had been ash. The ash tree was one kind of tree discovered rising beside Irish holy wells, and it additionally was believed to preserve springs pure.

The ash was additionally identified in each Norse and Celtic beliefs as a tree of therapeutic and of rebirth.
In present folks beliefs of Europe and North America, the leaves of the ash tree are mentioned to push back evil witchcraft and to deliver good luck. Ash sap is alleged to shield new child infants and make them sturdy. Until pretty not too long ago, newborns in Britain had been typically given a teaspoon of ash sap to drink. It was additionally British custom to cross a sickly little one by means of a cleft made in an ash tree so as to heal the kid. The cleft was then sure up once more, and because the tree healed, so would the kid.