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Aztlan: The White Land of No Suffering

Aztlan (White Land) is the legendary place of the seven tribes who developed the cultures of the Valley of Mexico, together with the Aztec. Aztlan originated firstly of the Fifth Sun.

Also generally known as Tulan-Zuiva , the Place of the Seven Caves, Aztlan was a land of loads the place nobody suffered, nobody went hungry, and nobody ever obtained outdated. Many myths with various particulars inform how the Aztec got here to depart Aztlan. In one model a fowl tells the people to depart; in one other, it's Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec supreme god, who speaks instantly to the clergymen. Depending on the story, the seven tribes depart separately, with the Aztec leaving final, or all depart collectively.

In the next fantasy, it's a fowl that cues the people to depart. (This fowl may very well be Huitzilo- pochtli for the reason that god’s identify means “hummingbird of the south.”) One day a person heard a fowl calling to him, saying, “Go now, go now.” When the person advised the chief concerning the fowl, the chief was relieved. He had recognized his people should discover a new land, their very own land, however had waited for an indication. So the people gathered and started a protracted march. They adopted an idol of Huitzilopochtli that the clergymen carried. As they went, Huitzilopochtli spoke by way of the clergymen and ready the people for the greatness of their empire to come.

He defined that they need to journey till they got here to a big lake; there, they need to search for one other signal—an eagle in a cactus. The journey took 200 years, and the people settled for some time within the Toltec capital of Tollan.

Some people stayed in Tollan and a few moved on. From time to time, Huitzilopochtli modified himself right into a white eagle to encourage the people, and so they traveled till they got here to Lake Texcoco and noticed an excellent eagle sitting on a cactus, holding a serpent. There they constructed Tenochtitlán, town that turned the capital and heart of the Aztec empire.

The picture of the eagle, serpent, and cactus continues as an necessary image to the Mexicans. It is proven within the heart of the Mexican flag and on all paper cash.