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Balinese Mythology

The Indonesian island of Bali is a mix of Balinese Hinduism and earlier animistic traditions. It additionally has been influenced by current Islamic folklore. The early, pre-Hindu traditions of Bali are lined on this article. 


In the start, there was solely the world snake, Antaboga. The ideas of the nice snake created Bedwang, the turtle that's the world. There have been a number of layers of existence, together with the underworld, the seas, and a sequence of skies. Above these lies the heaven of the ancestors, and past that's the heaven of the gods.


The foremost Balinese deities include Antaboga; Batara Kala, the god who created gentle and Earth and guidelines the underworld with the goddess Setesuyara; and Bedwang, the world turtle. During the ten-day vacation of Galungan, itis believed that the gods go to Earth.

Supernatural Beings

Among the various supernatural beings of Balinese perception are the Awan. These are snakes that seem as falling stars. Barong, a lion figure, is the king of the great spirits and the enemy of the demon-queen Rangda. Rangda is a terrifying being who devours youngsters.

The Leyak is a ghoulish man who appears to be an peculiar human by day. But at night time he steals the entrails of corpses —and even the residing—and makes a potion from them that enables him to change form. Tjak is a hen with a human face.


Yudisthira was a kindhearted human who did good deeds for everybody. When he and his canine died, they began up the lengthy highway to heaven collectively. At the doorway to heaven, the souls of the newly lifeless waited for admittance. There was a chair out there that Yudisthira may relaxation on, however he wished a chair for his canine so it may relaxation, too. Everyone raged at Yudisthira for caring a couple of mere canine.

Suddenly the canine was a deity and defined that he had solely pretended to be a canine to see if Yudisthira was good to all residing issues. Yudisthira had handed the check and was admitted to heaven.