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Bat Mythology In Meso-American Ancient

Bat is a logo of the underworld, dying, destruction, and infrequently related to sacrifices. Bats seem in lots of tales with morbid themes, together with bloodsucking, a habits that in actuality is attribute of solely two vampire bats that stay within the tropics. (There are greater than 100 species of bat in Meso-America.) Because bats are lively at evening, it's pure that the bat is related to dying and the underworld.

A contemporary-day fantasy from the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca explains the nocturnal behavior of bats: Once, way back, Bat, who was jealous of the brightly coloured feathers of the birds, grumbled to God about at all times being chilly. God took pity on Bat and dressed him in feathers he gathered from the birds. With his new feathers, Bat was fairly pretty. He flew round evening and day, bragging how he was essentially the most beauti- ful now. Disgusted by—and uninterested in—Bat’s bragging, the birds complained to God, who summoned Bat.

Happy to have a brand new viewers, Bat bragged to God—a giant mistake, for as he boasted, his feathers fell out. Humiliated, Bat now comes out solely at evening trying to find his feathers.