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Benkei  Mythology: Swordsman & Monk in Japanese Medieval Legends

Benkei was an enormous, and in many tales the son of a tengu, or satan spirit. Large and robust, he was an excellent fighter—till he encountered the hero Yorisune (identified in most legends as Raiko).

According to legend, Benkei stood in entrance of Gojo Bridge in Kyoto, taking swords from any war- rior who handed. He deliberate to construct a temple as soon as he acquired 1,000 swords. He had 999 when Yorisune set out to cease him.

Disguised as a boy enjoying a flute, Yorisune walked by Benkei, who hardly even seen him, till the seemingly weak lad swung round and kicked his battle-ax away.

Benkei lashed out together with his sword however missed the youth. Again and once more he swung, however he all the time missed. Finally, he gave up in frustration. Yorisune had crushed him—with out even drawing his personal sword. Filled with awe in addition to fatigue, Benkei requested to comply with him. They shortly grew to become inseparable buddies.

Benkei fought with Yorisune by many battles towards the Taira clan, a rival household. Finally, he helped Yorisune win an incredible victory, vanquishing their rivals at sea regardless of being outnumbered. But Yorisune’s brother Yoritomo, who had all the time been jealous of him, turned towards him. He compelled the 2 heroes to flee. Surrounded by Yoritomo’s males, Benkei joined his buddy and chief in seppuku, or ritual suicide.