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Benten Deity: Goddess of Arts & Luck

The Japanese deity Benten  (Benzai,  BenzaiTen,  Benai-Ten, DaiBenkudokuTen, myōonTen) is related to a variety of attributes and qualities, and the completely different tales about her generally appear complicated or contradictory.

She is seen as a goddess of water, love and knowledge, arts, music, and luck. Her earliest id could have been because the sister of the god of hell within the Buddhist pantheon. Some sources checklist her as a Shinto goddess of good speech and music. But she is finest often called a goddess who helps people achieve wealth.

According to one common fable, Benten as soon as descended to earth to do battle with a dragon who was devouring kids. She conquered him in an uncommon method: she married him. Occasionally, she is seen in artwork driving on the dragon or a serpent.

Some students consider that Benten was a water god or turned related or confused with a water deity relationship from earlier than the unfold of Buddhist beliefs. There is a narrative that the island of Enoshima rose from the water to obtain her footsteps, which could help these theories. Others hint her to the Hindu river and deity Saravatī, the spouse of Brahamā and the goddess of speech and music.

Artworks generally present Benten with eight arms. In her palms she holds a sword, a jewel, a bow, an arrow, a wheel, and a key, which symbolize some of her many attributes or qualities.

Geishas, dancers, and musicians take into account her their patron. Gamblers hoping for luck name on her. Benten is one of the Shichi Fukujin, the Seven Gods of happiness. She is the one feminine on this group.