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Beowulf: Anglo-Saxon Epic Poem

Beowulf is an nameless epic poem, the finest instance that continues to be of the Old English epic custom interrupted by the Norman Conquest in 1066. Written about sixth-century figures and composed someday between the center of the seventh and the top of the tenth centuries, the poem is preserved solely in an eleventh-century handwritten e book referred to as Cotton Vitellius. The manuscript, which at present resides within the British Museum, is considerably broken, having narrowly escaped destruction in a fire in 1731.

The Story

The story begins with the Danish King Scyld Scefing, who was the legendary founding father of theScyld dynasty. Sent out to sea as an toddler, Scyld turned an excellent king, dominated gloriously, died with honor, and acquired a magnificent burial at sea.

Generations later, one in all Scyld’s descendants, King Hrothgar, constructed Heorot, an excellent gabled corridor. Infuriated by the rejoicing within the corridor, the monster Grendel, of the race of Cain, attacked it and terrorized Heorot for twelve years. Beowulf, the nephew of King Hygelac of the Geats (in present-day Sweden), got here to Hrothgar’s assist. Once thought slack, Beowulf had grow to be a formidable hero, with the energy of thirty males in his grasp. Vowing to conquer the monster or die, he and his fourteen companions settled into the corridor for the night time.

When the monster arrived, he devoured one in all Beowulf’s males earlier than Beowulf grabbed him. After a ferocious wrestling match, Beowulf ripped off Grendel’s arm, and the mortally wounded monster fled from the corridor and again to the moors.

That day, the Danes rejoiced. That night time, Grendel’s mom emerged from the fens (swamps), snatched up one of many king’s chief advisers and her son’s arm, which had been hung up as a trophy, and retreated once more to her lair.

Death of Grendel

With the king and chosen warriors, Beowulf made the nightmarish journey to the pool the place Grendel’s mom lurked. Beowulf plunged into the pool and was almost killed. Just because the she-monster sat on her “guest” and ready to stab him, Beowulf snatched up an historical, magical sword and killed her.

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When Beowulf reduce off Grendel’s head, the blade of the sword melted. Taking the golden hilt and the monster’s head, Beowulf swam again to the floor, the place he celebrated. He returned residence to King Hygelac and a hero’s welcome.

King Beowulf

After the deaths of King Hygelac and his son, Heardred, Beowulf turned king and dominated the Geats for fifty years. Toward the top of his reign, a dragon’s hoard was robbed by a slave, and the dragon rose, setting the countryside on fire, and retrieving its hoard.
Ordering an iron defend made, Beowulf set out with eleven males for the dragon’s lair. But Beowulf vowed to tackle the dragon himself. Feeling his finish approaching, Beowulf reviewed his life story, saying farewell to his males.

The battle went towards the hero. All of his males fled aside from younger Wiglaf, who defended the king. Together, he and Beowulf destroyed the dragon, however Beowulf was mortally wounded. He ordered Wiglaf to take the treasure out of the cave, thanked God that he had been in a position to win it, ordered his burial mound, gave Wiglaf his battle gear, and died.

The poem ends with the Geats throwing the dragon’s physique into the ocean, burning Beowulf on an excellent pyeare, and constructing his burial mound. There additionally they buried the treasure, which was as ineffective then because it all the time had been from the time the dragon gathered it.
Twelve warriors rode across the mound, bemoaning the lack of their lord, whom they known as the gentlest of males and essentially the most gracious, essentially the most kindly to his people, and essentially the most keen to win fame.

Tradition and Language

As in contrast to the Iliad and the Odyssey, each written tons of of years later, Beowulf is comparatively quick at 3,182 strains. Like the Greek epics, it’s heroic and offers with the noble class. But the place the Greeks regard Olympian intervention as a comparatively regular, if usually unwelcome, prevalence in epics, the Old English custom fuses Teutonic, or Germanic, fatalism with Christianity.

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In Beowulf, life is a battle between people and monsters, amongst people, or between humankind and the surroundings. A hero can win the battle so long as his will is robust and his wyeard, or future, doesn’t decree in any other case. Any victories, nevertheless, aside from the gaining of a great title, are short-term as a result of life is laene, or transitory. Stark as this worldview is, the Beowulf poet presents hope by talking of a biblical God as halig Scyppend, holy Creator; mihtig Metod, mighty governor; wuldres Wealdend, ruler of glory; Liffrea, lord of life; and wuldorfaeder, wonderful father.
Some of the characters within the poem, similar to Hygelac, Beowulf’s king, and Hrothgar, the Danish king, are talked about in different sources, such because the work of Gregory of Tours, who dates Hygelac’s raid into Frankish territory to 521 C.E. Subsequent mentions happen in Saxo Grammaticus’s Danish historical past and Snorri Sturluson’s Heimskringla, the Icelandic assortment of sagas, in addition to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, a group of historic information of occasions in British historical past.

Old English poetry initially was composed and recited by a scop, a performer who sang epics at essential ceremonies and festivals. By the time Beowulf truly was written down, nevertheless, it had most likely gone via a number of centuries of recitation. The proof for this lies in the truth that the language of the written model contains not simply West Saxon kinds however different regional components as nicely, similar to Anglian, Mercian, Kentish, and Northumbrian.

The language is each archaic and noble. The work begins with Hwaet, the Old English equal of “once upon a time.” The reader is taken again into misty historical past, the place historic personages coexisted with monsters and dragons’ lairs. Another main characteristic of the verse is the kenning—compound phrases or phrases that specific metaphors. Phrases for the ocean, for instance, embrace “swan’s road,” “gannet’s bath,” and “whale’s path.”

Although sometimes damaged by humor and irony, the language of Beowulf is somber, marked by consciousness that happiness on this planet is hard-won and shortly extinguished— lif ond leoht somod, or life and light-weight collectively.