Betway Nigeria: Review, Offers and FAQs Review

Betway Nigeria – betting review, offers and getting started details.

Betway have some really decent offers available both when it comes to major tournaments and regular sporting fixtures. Below are some of the main promotions that are running at present.

Betway offer enhanced odds on a range of sports, from football to horse racing and a whole host of others. These could be boosted prices on a particular horse to win that day or enhanced acca’s for sports such as football and tennis.

Betway Nigeria

Betway Nigeria

Betway is a renowned bookmaker company not only in Nigeria but worldwide that offers betting on major sporting events. Trading under Digi Bay Limited and duly licensed.

Betway’s sportsbook is a neat and tidy betting site with a good number of features designed to enhance better betting experience. From their live streaming of sporting events to the “Useful Stats” section.

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Betway Winning Opportunities

Betway loyalty and offers section includes regular money back specials, bonus boosts (such as 10% extra on winning forecasts and tricasts) and more. On top of this though, it also allows customers to earn loyalty points when placing bets in the sportsbook.

Betway has made it easier for their customers to win big for less or no stake at all, especially in the case of 4 To Score prediction. You can really hit jackpot on the same spot.

4 To Score and Win #3.5 Million

Betway have their very own in their 4 To Score competition and it is completely free.

You will be required to predict which football team will score first in four separate English leagues, in the Premier League, The Championship, League 1 and League 2. All the games kicking off at 3pm on Saturday.

During international breaks the top four available English leagues will feature from League 1 to the North or South National Leagues.

However, if you can predict all four teams to score first in every league, you’ll scoop the jackpot which is #3,500,000 that week.

Meanwhile, if there’s more than one winner this jackpot will be shared amongst them. As long as you are a Betway account holder, you can enter once each week, totally free.

How to Register

Betway Nigeria boast of a whooping 100% welcome bonus for every new customers on their first deposit up to #100,000. That is, deposit the sum of NGN5,000 for instance, get NGN5,000 as bonus (terms and conditions apply).

Betway Nigeria Sign Up

Meanwhile, getting an active account on is very simple. You can follow the following procedures to register an account with Betway and redeem your 100% welcome bonus as a new customer.

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  1. Open your browser and goto Betway official website
  2. Fill in the registration form
  3. Note: When asked for your mobile number please use the one linked to your bank account.
  4. Promptly an email will be sent to you to confirm your successful submission of registration form.
  5. Congrats! Your account has been created.
  6. You can enter your username and password to log into your account to start placing bet on Betway platform.

How to Bet on Betway Nigeria

To place bet on Betway is as easy as anything you could think of. Kindly place your bet on Betway in these following simple steps.

  1. Navigate to Betway’s home page for the latest upcoming fixtures.
  2. Choose your desired category such as Soccer, following by your choice of tournament, example: England, Premier League and so on.
  3. Click on More bet types/leagues to choose your market and league
  4. Add your selections to the Betslip by tapping or clicking on them
  5. Then, click on the shopping cart.
  6. Once you are done with your selections, confirm your bet on the Betslip

How to Deposit Fund into Betway

On Betway, are you longing to deposit fund from your account?

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To do so, login to your account and then click on the Cashier icon on the homepage. Proceed to one of the methods explained below.

Deposit via Credit or Debit Card

  • Step 1: select the “My Account” button on the top right hand corner of the website
  • Step 2: Select “Deposit Funds”
  • Step 3: Select “Credit/debit Card”
  • Step 4: Select your previously saved card or enter your new card details
    Tip: Select “Save details for future use “for quick depositing the next time you want to place a winning bet
  • Step 5: Enter/Select the “Amount” you wish to deposit
  • Step 6: select “Proceed”
  • Step 7: The page to enter your credit/debit card details will load
  • Step 8: Please complete the required fields and select “Pay NGN”
  • Step 9: You will be required to enter authenticate the transaction with either a pin/OTP/phone or a combination of the three options
  • Step 10: You will receive a response of”Successful” or “Unsuccessful”
  • Step 11: If your transaction is successful your Betway Cash balance will be updated

Direct Bank Transfer

  • Step 1: Select the “My Account” button on the top right hand corner of the website
  • Step 2: Select “Deposit Funds”
  • Step 3: Select “Direct Bank Transfer”
  • Step 4: Enter/select the “Amount” you wish to deposit
  • Step 5: Click “Proceed”
  • Step 6: The page to enter your bank account details will load
  • Step 7: Select your bank from the drop-down list
  • Step 8: Enter your bank account number
  • Step 9: Select “Verify Account”
  • Step 10: Select your Date Of Birth
  • Step 11: Enter token/s sent to your phone number listed on your banking profile with your bank
  • Step 12: Please complete the required fields and select “Next”
  • Step 13: You will receive a response of”Successful” or “Unsuccessful”
  • Step 14: If your transaction is successful your Betway Cash balance will be updated
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Deposit with any ATM

  • Step 1: Go to any ATM that supports QuickTeller/Interswitch/PAYDirect to deposit funds into your Betway account.
  • Step 2: Insert your card into the ATM and enter your PIN number.
  • Step 3: Select the option “Paybills” or”Quickteller”. It could be displayed as either depending on what type of ATM you’re using.
  • Step 4: Select your account type.
  • Step 5: Choose the payment option “Pay Merchant” or “Others”. It could be displayed as either depending on what type of ATM you’re using.
  • Step 6: Type in the Merchant Code, which is 04323301 for Betway.
  • Step 7: Type out your Betway account number for this. (+234 XXX XXX XXXX)
  • Step 8: Specify the amount you’d like to deposit.
  • Step 9: You’ll be asked for your phone number, type it in and then select”Proceed”.
  • Step 10: A screen will pop up informing you that your payment has gone through successfully, and you’ll receive a notification of your payment.

Deposit with Bank Deposits

  • Step 1: Go to any bank branch to deposit funds into your Betway account
  • Step 2: Fill in a Fund Transfer slip with the following info and take it to a teller:
    • Customer account name: your bank account name or cash if you want to do cash deposit
    • Customer account number: yourbank account number or cash if you want to do cash deposit
    • Beneficiary account number: your Betway Account Number (+234 XXX XXX XXXX)
    • Beneficiary account name: Betway
    • Amount: the amount that you wish to deposit
  • Step 3: Request the teller to make a Paydirect deposit to Betway
  • Step 4: The teller will ask you some security questions to confirm your details.
  • Step 5: A receipt will be printed by the teller for you and will need to be collected for proof of payment. Your funds will be deposited into your Betway account and you can get betting.

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How to Withdraw Winnings

No one play bet to loose, and perhaps one of the cutting edge about Betway is their 100% fast payout with sometimes SMS notifications when you win.

  1. When your team wins, so do you. When it’s time to cash in, doing so is easy.
  2. Login to your Betway account with your username and password using one of the functions provided.
  3. Navigate to “My Account” on Betway’s home page after you have logged in
  4. Select the “Withdraw Funds” option
  5. Complete the withdrawal form by providing us with your bank account details
  6. Enter the amount your wish to withdraw and click “Proceed”
  7. Please note that verification of details may be required

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