Bishamon Ten: God of War & Wealth Mythology

Bishamon  (BishamonTen) is claimed to be  the Japanese god of struggle and, in some accounts, of wealth or riches. Like an incredible feudal warlord, Bishamon distributes wealth and protects all who observe the legislation.

Each of the 4 compass factors is claimed to have its personal guardian. In Japanese Buddhist mythology, Bishamon guards the North. He protects in opposition to illness in addition to demons.

Bishamon wears armor and holds a spear in his hand. Often he’s proven standing on slain demons with a hoop or wheel of hearth round his head like a halo.

Bishamon is the Japanese model of Vaishravana, one of the Guardian Kings in Buddhism and the god of struggle. He is one of the Shichi Fukujin, the gods of happiness and good luck.

Bishamon can also be known as Tamon or Tamon-ten.