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Bochica: Sun God, Hubby to Rainbow Goddess

Bochica , the solar god and founder god of the Chibcha Indians in Colombia; husband of Cuchaviva, the rainbow goddess. In the guise of a bearded previous man with piercing blue eyes and wrapped in a blan- ket, Bochica traveled the Earth to educate the people how to reside.

He taught a powerful ethical code—don't lie, don't steal, and, above all, be variety to others. He additionally taught the abilities needed for dwelling—akin to how to construct a home, make pots, and weave. His work finished, Bochica disappeared into the west, leaving Earth to return to the realm of the gods; his footprints left nice caves within the mountains.

When Huitaca, the goddess of extra, teased people to reside extra casually, to be merry and carefree, Bochica modified her into an Owl. Apparently it was not sufficient of a lesson, nevertheless, for she then enlisted the assistance of Chibchacum, the god of labor, who flooded the land.

The people requested Bochica for assist, and he returned in a rainbow and introduced the Sun to cease the rain and dry up the land. Then he reduce a passage by the mountains to drain the water from the land.