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CabraKan: Mythology of the Earth Shaker

CabraKan (Earth Shaker) was one of the sons of the big stone man Vukub-Cakix from the Quiché myths recorded in the PoPol Vuh.

In the myths, the household had wonderful powers that inspired them to grow to be very boastful and conceited: Vukub-Cakix’s physique was made of valuable metals, that gleamed so brightly that he boasted of outshining the Sun and Moon. Cabrakan had unbelievable energy, giving him the energy to shake the Earth. His brother Zipacna was highly effective sufficient to construct and transfer mountains.

As children, the brothers’ favourite video games had been piling filth into mountains, then shaking them into rubble, which irritated the gods and startled the animals, birds, and different creatures of the Earth. As the brothers grew older and stronger, their video games brought on a lot chaos on Earth that the gods despatched the Hero Twins to destroy the household.

The Hero Twins began with Vukub-Cakix. They ambushed him, shot him with a blowpipe in the jaw, after which tricked him into changing his sturdy tooth with corn kernels so he couldn’t eat something. Next, the Hero Twins tried to kill Zipacna with extra trickery, utilizing 400 younger males to ambush him and bury him underneath an avalanche of tree branches.

When Zipacna escaped, the Hero Twins got here up with a brand new plan. They noticed what Zipacna and Cabrakan preferred to eat most. Zipacna beloved crabs from an underwater cave at the backside of a mountain. Cabrakan’s favourite meal was a succulent roasted chook.

The Hero Twins trapped Zipacna in the underwater cave as he was fishing for crabs, inflicting an avalanche of stone to bury him. Then they pretended to be nice admirers of Cabrakan’s means to shake mountains, providing him a succulent roasted chook in return for demonstrating how to shake aside a excessive mountain.

Cabrakan fortunately agreed, first greedily devouring the roasted chook. Too late, he realized the Twins had poisoned him. As he lay gasping for air, the Twins tied him up and buried him at the foot of a sacred mountain, the place, in accordance to the myths, he continues to rumble and threaten an earthquake to today.