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Chalchiuhtli-cue Goddess The Jade Skirt, Lady Precious Green

Chalchihuitlicue was the Aztec goddess of rivers, lakes, oceans, storms, and whirlpools. Chalchihuitlicue was the spouse of Tlaloc and each the creator and destroyer—by flood, after all—of the Sun of Water. The Sun of Water was the Fourth Sun, or fourth age, in Aztec mythological historical past.

Chalchihuitlicue was thought of to be the embodiment of youth and sweetness and was thought to watch over the unwell and newborns. On an toddler’s naming day, attendants rinsed his or her mouth with water as a midwife assured the kid that Chalchihuitlicue had washed away evil and misfortune. This apply was not in contrast to the Christian baptism ritual.

Chalchihuitlicue was generally depicted as a flowing river that had a prickly pear tree heavy with fruit rising out of it. She has additionally been recognized as the feminine facet of Atlacamanc, the male storm god, and as Chimalma, who was the mom of Quetzalcoatl in his incarnation as Ce Acatl, a god of conflict. Chalchihuitlicue was referred to as Matlalcueyeh in Tlaxcala, a small state that stayed impartial of the Aztecs.