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Chinese and the Monkey Mythology

By the first century A.D., a philosophy referred to as Taoism dominated Chinese thought. Taoism was primarily based on the Tao Te Ching [dow deh jing], a set of eighty-one verses written by the thinker Lao-tzu. The Tao Te Ching places forth the thought of following the Tao, normally translated as “the Way,” the pure inventive life power of the universe. It additionally speaks of noninterference, or wu-wei, with residing creatures and forces.

From a philosophy, Taoism steadily grew into a faith. Temples have been constructed, and monks got the activity of overseeing these locations of worship. The Taoist heaven was quickly populated with a ruler, the Jade Emperor, who was assisted by eighty gods and goddesses. Likewise, hell was additionally dominated by an emperor, Yen-lo, with a bunch of demons to oversee its capabilities. Taoists grew to become fascinated with immortality, spells, elixirs, alchemy, and magical powers reminiscent of flying and transformation (from one form to one other).

Fifteen centuries later, a authorities official named Wu Ch’eng-en wrote a preferred novel entitled Journey to the West. The following delusion retells the first a part of that novel. It options the most well-known character in Chinese folklore, the Monkey King. His exploits show Monkey’s Taoist coaching and powers. He is useless, impolite, and grasping, however Monkey’s magic tips and saucy persona make him a beloved character.

On the Mountain of Fruit and Flowers, a magic rock gave beginning to a stone egg. From this stone egg emerged a monkey whose first act was to soar up and bow to the 4 instructions. His eyes flashed like lightning, and his enamel glinted like the stars at night time. He performed with different monkeys and with wolves, tigers, and deer, however he had an infinite urge for food and typically devoured up their share of grass, leaves, berries, and fruit. Still, his joyful persona and curious nature made him the hottest animal on the mountain.

One day, Monkey jumped by way of the waters of a cascading waterfall and found behind it a cave furnished with stone bowls, cups, and chairs. Delighted, Monkey referred to as all the different monkeys to come see the novelties he had discovered. When they arrived, the different monkeys grabbed the utensils, made themselves snug in the cave, and proclaimed Monkey their king. Amidst the wild orchids and fragrant herbs rising in the mountains, the monkeys lived in excellent happiness for hundreds of years. But someday, the Monkey King burst out in tears. He realized that quickly he may face Yen-lo, the King of Death. In response to his concern, he stole some garments and sandals and went out to seek for the secret of immortality. Everywhere he went, he imitated human speech and manners, however people simply laughed at his unusual costume: a pink gown, a yellow sash, and black footwear. For ten years, he wandered from village to village till lastly he discovered the cave of an immortal. After a lot pestering, Monkey was accepted as a disciple of this holy man. From the immortal, Monkey realized to research the Taoist teachings, and to write and converse correctly. He had to sweep the cave flooring, collect firewood, fetch water, and have a tendency the backyard.

After awhile, Monkey realized many tips from the immortal. Now he may rework himself into seventy-two completely different bushes, animals, and rocks. After a lot persuasion, the immortal additionally taught him how to fly, by hovering on the clouds. Once he mastered these abilities, Monkey liked to showcase in entrance of the different disciples. One day, the immortal caught him turning into a pine tree. Angered that Monkey would squander his useful magic by exhibiting off, the immortal promptly banished Monkey from the cave.

The First Return Home

So the Monkey King returned to his dwelling on the Mountain of Fruit and Flowers. His topics greeted him noisily, reporting {that a} demon was robbing their cave. Catching this demon had confirmed futile. Each time the demon had appeared, he had grabbed just a few of their monkey kids and held them prisoner till he was prepared to eat them. Immediately, the Monkey King issued a challenge to the demon.

When the demon heard his cries, he laughed at the bellowing monkey. He put away his sword, and hurled himself at the skinny creature. The demon and Monkey fought for hours, dealing one another glancing blows, nice jabs, and swift kicks.

Finally, Monkey remembered one among the tips he had realized from the immortal. Quickly, he pulled out a clump of hair from his head, bit the hairs into small items, spat them out in the air, and shouted “Change!” At as soon as, the bits of hair was a number of hundred little monkeys, all of whom startled the demon with their piercing screams. The little monkeys pummeled the demon till they knocked him out. Then Monkey modified the little monkeys again into hair. He freed the imprisoned kids and returned them to their dad and mom. To have a good time their king’s return, the cave monkeys feasted on dates, fruit, and grape wine.

The Visit to the Dragon King

Monkey determined that the demon was proper to have laughed at him. He was king of his monkeys, however he didn't have any garments or weapons worthy of a king. So Monkey recited a spell and dove into the sea to meet with the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea. When he demanded an acceptable weapon, the Dragon King confirmed Monkey a heavy iron pillar weighing a number of tons. No one in the sea may carry it; many feared its unusual, glowing mild. Monkey grabbed the stick, recited a spell, and modified it right into a weapon-sized iron rod. Making thrusts and parries, Monkey jabbed and swung the stick in the air so ferociously that the tortoises drew of their heads, and the crab, shrimp, and lobster troopers all scuttled out of his method. But Monkey was not happy with the great iron stick. Next, he demanded appropriate clothes from the Dragon King. The Dragon King summoned his dragon brothers by beating on gongs and drums. From their treasuries, the dragons gave Monkey a pair of cloudstepping footwear fabricated from lotus fiber, a cap fabricated from phoenix feathers, and a series mail vest fabricated from yellow gold. Without a lot as a nod of thanks, Monkey left. The Dragon King and his brothers have been indignant at Monkey’s poor manners and complained to the gods in heaven about the Monkey King’s impolite habits.

When Monkey returned to his mountain dwelling, he confirmed off his new garments. He preened this fashion and that, and twirled round and round in entrance of the admiring monkeys. Then Monkey pulled out his iron workers. First he modified it into an extended bridge that arched over the widest river; then he reworked it right into a tall tower that touched the clouds. Finally, he shrank the iron workers right into a tiny embroidery needle and tucked it behind his ear, grinning at his astonished topics. With his superb garments and new weapon, Monkey proclaimed himself the equal of any god in heaven.

Monkey Gets a Job in Heaven

Soon the gods in heaven grew to become irritated with Monkey’s habits and determined to seize the insolent character. The gods satisfied two demons from the Underworld to tie up Monkey and take him earlier than the Ten Judges of the Dead. Monkey made a commotion and bitterly protested his seize. He demanded that the judges examine the Ledger of the Dead, which recorded the life span of each creature on earth.

As he upbraided the judges, Monkey rapidly crossed out his title in the Ledger of the Dead with a thick black brush. Without his title in the ledger, the Underworld demons had no selection however to let him go. Since the gods have been unsuccessful in sending Monkey to the Underworld, the Jade Emperor determined to control Monkey in heaven. He summoned the Monkey King and gave him the job of steady grasp.

Monkey was to feed, groom, and water the thousand horses of heaven. Monkey was so insulted at having been given this menial job that he left in a huff and returned to his mountain cave. When heavenly courtroom officers got here to the cave to fetch him, Monkey put up such a fuss that they agreed to give him a extra necessary job.

Monkey Creates a Mess in Heaven

Next, the Jade Emperor put Monkey in command of the peach backyard. Tiny fruit blossoms ripened into the sweetest peaches in the universe. These peaches would bestow knowledge, sturdy limbs, everlasting youth, and mild our bodies to these lucky sufficient to eat them. Greedy Monkey informed his guards to stand outside his room whereas he napped. But as a substitute of napping, he took off his brilliant robes and sneaked into the backyard the place he gorged himself on the ripe peaches.

Then he curled up and fell asleep in the orchard. Unbeknownst to Monkey, a fantastic feast was being ready for the gods. That afternoon, fairy maidens entered the peach backyard to choose the fruit. To their dismay, they discovered many damaged branches, peach pits, and a sleepy Monkey who berated them for disturbing him. When the fairies talked about the nice feast, Monkey abruptly realized that he had not been invited. The considered uncommon meats, wine, and extra fruit made the grasping monkey hungry once more, and he dashed off in quest of banquet tidbits. Monkey sneaked into heaven’s kitchen and knocked over steaming bamboo baskets as he stuffed himself with luscious meat dumplings. He then tiptoed into the wine cellar and rapidly guzzled down a number of casks of wine, every extra aromatic than the one earlier than. In his haste, he unintentionally tipped over some wine barrels and broke a number of casks.

Monkey ran out into the night time, fearing that the palace cooks would discover him. Looking for a spot to cover, he stumbled into Tushita Palace, the place the nice thinker Lao-tzu lived. Since the smart man was not at dwelling, Monkey peeked in any respect the rooms in the thinker’s home. In the alchemy lab, Monkey discovered 5 gourds stuffed with the elixir of immortality. On the desk, virtually 100 capsules, rolled out from the cooled elixir, have been neatly lined up in rows, prepared for the banquet. He scooped up a fistful of capsules and gulped them down like toasted soybeans, scattering the relaxation throughout the flooring.

He dropped to his arms and knees and grabbed the remaining capsules, turning over a number of tables in the thinker’s tidy workroom. Surveying the mess he had made in the alchemy lab, and remembering related scenes of wreckage in the peach backyard, kitchen, and wine cellar, Monkey determined to sneak out of heaven. When he returned to his mountain dwelling, the monkeys welcomed him with date wine, however having been spoiled by the superb wines of heaven, the Monkey King spat out their native brew. He boasted that he may carry again heaven’s most scrumptious grape wines. Then Monkey quietly tiptoed again into heaven and stole the remaining casks. He introduced the treasured wine to his waterfall cave and celebrated his return to the Mountain of Fruit and Flowers. When the Jade Emperor found the destruction, he despatched his heavenly military generals to seize the thief.

Monkey fought them along with his embroidery needle, which he reworked right into a mighty preventing stick. No one may defeat Monkey, not even the hundred thousand heavenly troops who fought him with axes, sticks, and swords. And so it was that the orphan Monkey, born of a stone egg from a magic rock, established his supremacy in the preventing arts.

The Pilgrimage: Monkeys converts to Buddhism

The Buddhist faith was first launched to China from India in A.D.67. Its founder was Siddhartha Gautama, later generally known as the Buddha. He taught that struggling was brought on by greed, which might be overcome by pondering quietly (meditating). When an individual dies, she or he will likely be reborn into one other life (reincarnation). This cycle of rebirth can solely be damaged when an individual has lived an exceptionally good life and has given up the pure human bonds and attachments to materials existence. The novel Journey to the West was primarily based on the travels of an actual individual, a monk named San Zang. Sometime throughout the Tang dynasty (A.D.618-906), San Zang took a pilgrimage to India which lasted seventeen years. He risked his life many instances for the function of bringing again the Buddhist scriptures to China. The fictionalized account of his travels, totaling eighty-one adventures, kinds the larger a part of the novel. Another necessary Buddhist determine, Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy, seems in the story as a information to San Zang and his pilgrim followers. She may be very highly effective and can “break the chains of prisoners, remove venom from snakes, and deprive lightning of its power.” Although the vacationers are guided by the goddess Kuan Yin, they need to use their very own crafty to outwit the demons and risks they encounter. After Monkey outlasted the axes, sticks, swords, and lances of the gods, he boldly introduced his plan to depose the Jade Emperor, the ruler of heaven. The gods and goddesses gasped at his audacity and whispered amongst themselves in shocked tones. Finally, the Buddha stepped in. All the gods in heaven listened respectfully as he commanded the deities to cease preventing with Monkey. Then the Buddha requested Monkey why he wished to change the Jade Emperor. Monkey replied that his personal intelligent magic spells and preventing skill made him superior to anybody in heaven, together with the Jade Emperor. Monkey bragged about how he may rework himself into seventy-two kinds of animals, crops, and rocks. He boasted that his somersaults may take him by way of the clouds 100 and eight thousand li to the finish of the world. The Buddha issued Monkey a easy challenge. “Jump across my palm and heaven is yours,” the Buddha stated. Monkey smiled when he noticed that the Buddha’s hand was not more than eight inches across from fingertip to wrist. Then Monkey took in a mighty breath and hurled himself by way of the air. When he landed, he noticed nothing however 5 pillars holding up the world. Certain that he had somersaulted to the ends of the earth, Monkey laughed at how simply he had met the Buddha’s challenge. Just to mark his spot, he took out a hair from his head and reworked it right into a brush. With his best calligraphy, he wrote “Monkey, the great sage, reached this place.” Then he somersaulted with nice pleasure again to the palace, keen to declare the throne. The Buddha smiled and confirmed Monkey the palm of his hand. There subsequent to the center finger have been the miniature phrases “Monkey, the great sage, reached this place.” Monkey realized that he had not reached the finish of the world, however had merely jumped midway across the Buddha’s hand. The Buddha grabbed Monkey and sealed him inside a stone field excessive on a mountaintop. He left Monkey there, inside his stone field, for 5 hundred years.

Kuan Yin’s Task

Meanwhile, China was stuffed with grasping, imply, and quarrelsome people. Only just a few had adopted the Buddha's teachings. The Buddha thought these teachings would encourage the people to behave extra compassionately. However, he determined that if he gave away his scriptures, the people wouldn't admire his phrases. Instead, the Buddha knew that the people should come to India to fetch the scriptures themselves. Furthermore, he wished the Chinese emperor to finance the journey and urge his topics to assist the pilgrims all alongside their method. The Chinese people would worth the Buddha’s scriptures, in the event that they have been concerned in serving to to acquire them. The Buddha summoned Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy, to his dwelling in India. She agreed with the Buddha that the journey to fetch the scriptures was needed. People on earth desperately wanted extra non secular steerage. However, as a result of she acknowledged that the highway between India and China was a harmful one, Kuan Yin supplied to journey it first, on foot, to map the route between the Buddha’s dwelling in India to the emperor’s palace in China. At the identical time she may additionally assess and confront the kinds of risks that human pilgrims may encounter alongside the method. The Buddha agreed with Kuan Yin’s plan.

The Sandy-Haired Monster, the Pig, the Dragon, and the Monkey

With an assistant, Kuan Yin recorded distances and the location of mountain paths alongside the highway from India to the emperor’s dwelling in China. At a river crossing, a hideous sandy-haired monster jumped out and attacked Kuan Yin’s assistant. When the monster realized that it was the goddess Kuan Yin standing on the shore, he bowed earlier than her and confessed that he ate pilgrims who crossed his river. He tried to cover from her gaze the 9 human skulls that he wore round his neck, as he begged the goddess for forgiveness. She invited the sandy-haired monster to repent by serving to pilgrims as a substitute of harming them.

As Kuan Yin continued on to a excessive mountain move, a most horrible odor greeted her. Kuan Yin’s assistant discovered a grimy pig with lengthy tusks who attacked them with a rake. The pig stopped instantly when Kuan Yin tossed some lotus flowers between them. He acknowledged the goddess, and informed her that when he had been a god. The pig begged her to assist him return to his former life in heaven. Kuan Yin requested him to earn his method again to heaven by serving to vacationers as a substitute of attacking them. Next, Kuan Yin and her assistant have been accosted by a dragon. Dragons are normally innocent spirits, however this dragon was deeply disturbed. He had unintentionally set his father’s kingdom on fireplace and destroyed some pearls of knowledge. While he waited anxiously for his execution date the doomed dragon assaulted vacationers.

Kuan Yin pledged to cancel the dragon’s demise sentence if he would reform. The dragon readily agreed and reworked himself right into a white horse to help any vacationers on the abandoned highway. When Kuan Yin got here across the final mountain vary, she discovered Monkey encased in a stone field. Five hundred years had handed since the Buddha’s challenge. Monkey was sorry that he had been grasping and boastful. Like the others, he agreed to convert to Buddhism and supplied his assist to worthy pilgrims.


Finally, Kuan Yin reached the palace of the earthly Chinese emperor. When she defined her mission, the emperor readily agreed to finance the journey to India. Like the Buddha and Kuan Yin, he was drastically involved about the selfishness and greed of his people. If, as they hoped, the pilgrims have been profitable of their quest, the advantage of the new faith may very well be proclaimed all through the land. However, the emperor knew that wandering souls may simply be misplaced in the chilly excessive mountains of the journey.

Tigers, panthers, and snakes lurked in each forest. Stories of these fierce animals have been terrifying, however people additionally trembled at tales of unusual ghosts and spirits who may change their shapes at will. When the emperor requested for pilgrims, nobody stepped ahead. At final, a humble monk named San Zang supplied to fetch the scriptures. San Zang’s fellow monks from the monastery have been astonished that such an unassuming man would volunteer for such a harmful mission. They expressed their fears for his security.

The courageous monk replied {that a} honest coronary heart and his sacred vow to fetch the scriptures would defend him from hurt. Like the Buddha, Kuan Yin, and the emperor, the monk was involved about the lack of compassion he noticed in his people. He hoped that the Buddha’s teachings would assist the people study new and higher methods of residing. The emperor was delighted {that a} courageous pilgrim had finally been discovered. Because the scriptures have been referred to as Tripitaka in India, the emperor renamed the monk Tripitaka. As Tripitaka set out, the autumn air was starting to chill the monk’s bones, and a light-weight frost lined the floor.

Along the method, Kuan Yin guided the monk from afar, however she couldn't intervene along with his choices and actions. Tripitaka joined up with Monkey, the dragon (in the type of a white horse), the pig, and the sandy-haired monster. All 5 set off for eighty-one adventures to fetch the holy scriptures from India. Time and once more, they met harmful ogres, monsters, and fairies who lay in wait. Because Tripitaka was a younger Buddhist monk with a pure coronary heart, evil spirits tried to corrupt him. Monsters wished to eat his flesh. Monkey used all his magical powers—flying, transformation, making himself invisible, acrobatics, and his embroidery needle cudgel—to defend the monk.

He fought skeleton demons, big spiders, and evil fairies in the form of foxes. Monkey was boiled in oil, his head was chopped off (whereupon he merely grew a brand new one), and his abdomen was reduce open—however none of these vicious assaults produced any lasting hurt. When the pilgrims lastly arrived in India, they have been rewarded with the sacred scriptures. Then the 5 pilgrims returned to China with nice pleasure. Now each individual had entry to the holy scriptures, and the people realized to put aside their greed and observe the method of the Buddha, in addition to the method of the Tao. In this way, they lived in concord for hundreds of years.