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Chinese Water Deer Facts, Diet, Habitat

Physical traits

The water deer is a small, elegant animal with slender pectoral and pelvic girdles, lengthy legs, and an extended, sleek neck. Its highly effective hind legs are longer than its entrance legs, in order that its haunches are carried larger than the shoulders. It runs with rabbit-like jumps. In the groin of every leg is an inguinal gland used for scent marking; this deer is the one member of the Cervidae to possess such glands. The brief tail is not more than 1.9-3.eight in (5-10 cm) in size and is sort of invisible, besides when it’s held raised by the male in the course of the rut. This deer characteristically stands alert, with its head held excessive and its ears erect. The most placing options are the lengthy, curved higher canines within the male, measuring 2.1 in (5.5 cm) on common in size. At the top of the male’s first winter, his canines might be about half their full dimension; last size is reached after about 18 months. These canines are held loosely of their sockets, with their motion managed by facial muscle tissue. The male can draw them backwards out of the way in which when consuming. In aggressive encounters, he thrusts his canines out and attracts in his decrease lip to pull his tooth nearer collectively. He then presents a formidable two-pronged weapon to rival males. The feminine, by comparability, has tiny canines measuring simply over 0.2 in (0.5 cm). In the autumn, this deer’s pink or reddish brown summer time coat is regularly changed by a thicker, coarse-haired winter coat that varies from gentle brown to grayish brown. Neither the top nor the tail poles are nicely differentiated as in gregarious deer; consequently, this deer’s coat is little differentiated.

Evolution and systematics

In the construction of their skulls, brains, appendages, genetics, and the recognizing sample of their fawns, Chinese water deer are intently associated to the European roe deer ( Capreolus capreolus) and moose (Alces) of the New World deer subfamily. Males lack antlers, however possess giant, protruding higher canines with which they fiercely defend useful resource territories in fertile flood plains. Together with small cheek tooth, small and easy brains, their choice of extremely digestible plant meals and their escape conduct by way of fast, lengthy bounds adopted by hiding, point out a really primitive or ancestral situation amongst deer. The water deer first appeared some 30 million years in the past within the Oligocene. However, it could be secondarily primitive. It might have misplaced its antlers in favor of huge tusks whereas reverting again to defending small, however resource-rich territories. An analogous evolutionary reversal lowering antler dimension in favor of tusks has been recognized within the muntjacs among the many Old World deer. Here, phylogenetically younger species defending small territories have small, easy, or rudimentary antlers in contrast to phylogenetically outdated species with giant, advanced antlers discovered on giant territories in comparatively infertile landscapes. The water deer is uncommon in that its primitive diversifications are usually related to heat climates. However, it’s tailored to cold-temperate seasonal climates with frost and snow. It is characterised by an exceptionally excessive reproductive output and early ####ual maturation, which matches the ecological alternatives and risks in flat valleys with giant, flooding rivers. The genus consists of a single species, Hydropotes inermis, and two subspecies: Hydropotes inermis inermis, present in japanese China, and Hydropotes inermis argyearopus of Korea. The taxonomy for this species is Hydropotes inermis Swinhoe, 1870, Kiangsu, China.

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Formerly widespread in japanese China, the Chinese subspecies is now largely restricted to the decrease reaches of the Yangtze River, coastal Jiangsu province, and islands of Zhejiang. Feral populations courting to the mid-twentieth century are nicely established in southern England, and extremely localized populations are present in France. The Korean subspecies is believed to have a large distribution, however proof is missing.


True to its identify, the water deer occupies fertile river valleys in addition to well-vegetated lake shores and coastal areas the place tall reeds, rushes, sedges, and grasses present it with cowl. A proficient swimmer, it might swim a number of miles to make use of river islands. Seasonal flooding of river deltas forces water deer to larger floor. They head up to hill grassland, the place they enterprise into open fields, offering there’s tall vegetation inside straightforward attain. Other seasonal actions searching for higher grazing might also be undertaken.


Apart from in the course of the rutting season, water deer are solitary animals, and males are extremely territorial. Each male marks out his territory with urine and feces. Sometimes a small pit is dug and it’s attainable that in digging, the male releases scent from the interdigital glands on its toes. The male additionally scent-marks by holding a skinny tree in his mouth behind the higher canines and rubbing his pre-orbital glands towards it. Males might also chunk off vegetation to delineate territorial boundaries. Confrontations between males start with the animals strolling slowly and stiffly in the direction of one another, earlier than turning to stroll in parallel 32-64 ft (10-20 m) aside, to assess one another. One male might then achieve chasing off his rival, making clicking noises as he pursues his vanquished foe. However, if the battle will not be thus resolved, the males will combat. Each tries to wound the opposite on the top, shoulders, or again, by stabbing or tearing along with his higher canines. Numerous lengthy scars and torn ears seen on males point out that combating is frequent. Tufts of hair are mostly discovered on the bottom in November and December, exhibiting that encounters are closely concentrated across the rut. Females don’t appear to be territorial outside the breeding season and may be seen in small teams, though particular person deer don’t seem to be related; they’ll disperse individually at any signal of hazard. Females present aggression in the direction of one another instantly earlier than and after the start of their younger and can chase different females from their start territories. Communication between these solitary animals usually takes the type of low growling barks. They are definitely used as calls of alarm, however they’re additionally directed repeatedly at different deer or people for causes which are unknown.

Feeding ecology and eating regimen

This species spends roughly half its waking hours feeding, with 20 minute intervals damaged by spells of relaxation or rumination. Peak feeding exercise is recorded round daybreak and nightfall. The water deer feeds at night time too, though it’s not recognized how a lot time is spent on nocturnal foraging. It is commonly noticed grazing within the open, the place it depends on good eyesight and scent to detect hazard. The water deer is a focus selector, avoiding lowgrade food, however the diploma of selectivity seems to range between places. One examine in China of water deer rumens confirmed that the leaves of herbs made up 59% of the eating regimen, with grasses and sedges comprising 24% and woody materials 17%. Another examine confirmed herbs constituted 93% of its eating regimen.

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Reproductive biology

During the annual rut in November and December, the male will hunt down and observe females, giving delicate squeaking contact calls and checking for indicators of estrus by decreasing his neck and rotating his head with ears flapping. Scent performs an essential half in courtship, with each animals sniffing one another. Mating amongst water deer is polygynous, with most females being mated contained in the buck’s personal territory. After repeated mountings, copulation is transient. Gestation is generally round 180 days. Water deer have been recognized to produce up to seven younger, however two to three is regular for this species, essentially the most prolific of all deer. The feminine typically offers start to her noticed younger within the open, however they’re shortly taken to concealing vegetation, the place they’ll stay more often than not for up to a month. During these first few weeks, fawns come out play. Once pushed from the natal territory in late summer time, younger deer generally proceed to affiliate with one another, later separating to start a solitary existence.

Conservation standing

Although labeled as a protected species in China, ranges of searching permitted in the course of the 1990s didn’t seem to be sustainable. Population estimates at the moment prompt a determine of not more than 10,000 people, but this determine was given by the federal government because the annual tally hunted legally. Scientists additionally report initially of the twenty-first century elevated ranges of poaching in japanese China. The IUCN lists the species as Lower Risk/Near Threatened. Water deer are struggling growing losses of habitat by means of conversion of wetlands to agriculture and aquaculture; vital losses have been recorded across the Yancheng coastal wetlands, one of many predominant strongholds. Construction of the Three Gorges Dam might have a big impact on water deer habitats alongside the Yangtze River and related waters. Ironically, numbers of this subspecies in southern England proceed to increase following unintended introductions within the 1940s. It is possible that numbers there might ultimately exceed these in its native China. Although the standing of Siberian water deer ( Hydropotes inermis argyearopus) in Korea will not be nicely documented (listed as Data Deficient), this subspecies is believed to be widespread and considerable. Proposals to set up an enormous nationwide park within the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea present that optimistic motion that might shield this deer is being thought of.

Significance to people

This deer’s tendency to stay standing nonetheless within the open makes it a simple goal for hunters, each for meat and for its abdomen colostrum, a prized ingredient in folks drugs. Formerly, it was considered as a crop pest in China and slaughtered as such till rarity and authorized safety ended this follow. Rapid progress, early maturity, and excessive fecundity make water deer thought of for domestication. However, livestock farmers are deterred by this solitary species’ popularity for territorial aggression.