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Cihuacoatl Mythology: QuilAztli, The Snake Woman

Cihuacoatl (QuilAztli, Snake Woman) , the Earth mom to the Toltec and Aztec. Cihuacoatl was a strong goddess who was very energetic within the lives of people. She presided over each births and battles, and her thunderous name was the sign for battle and an omen of loss of life.

Women giving beginning prayed to Cihuacoatl to assist them by childbirth by sharing her power and braveness in the identical method warriors prayed to her earlier than going into battle. The perceived connection between childbirth and battle was such that tying to a defend the center finger of a girl who had died in childbirth was thought to make a warrior extra highly effective.

Cihuacoatl was additionally thought of the goddess of life’s difficulties and was thought to wander over the land predicting disasters. She is commonly recognized with the earth goddess Coatlicue, the mom goddess Tonantzin, and the Virgin of Guadalupe, a Catholic patroness honored all through Mexico.

With the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl, Cihuacoatl created new women and men firstly of the Fifth Sun. They had been constituted of blood Quetzalcoatl had sacrificed and the meal she constituted of grinding the bones of those that had lived in the course of the Fourth Sun. Quetzalcoatl had introduced these people up from the underworld.