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Cihuateteo Mythology: Dead Labouring Women Spirit

Cihuateteo (ciuapipiltin, ciuteoto) are refers to because the spirits of ladies who died whereas giving beginning. The Aztec thought-about such a demise an honor. Cihuateteo have been typically proven with a cranium for a head and claws for arms and toes.

The Aztec believed that the cihuateteo lived within the western paradise the place every day they carried the Sun from overhead on its afternoon descent to the underworld.

After spending 4 years in paradise, they might return to Earth; nonetheless, they might come out solely at night time, both as moths or as demons who introduced disaster to those that noticed them. The cihuateteo additionally introduced sicknesses to kids. When the cihuateteo have been thought to be about, people made choices to them, typically within the type of butterflies, and kids weren't allowed outside.