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Common Warthog Facts


Phacochoerus africanus (Gmelin, 1788), Senegal. Four provisional subspecies: northern warthog (P. a. africanus), Eritrean warthog (P. a. aeliani), Central African warthog ( P. a. massaicus), and southern warthog (P. a. sundevallii).


French: Phacochère commun; German: Warzenschwein; Spanish: Jabalí verrugoso.


Barrel-shaped physique 57-75 in (145-190 cm) in size, 25.5-33 in (65-84 cm) in top; males 180.5 lb (82 kg) (vary 150-220 lb [68-100 kg]), females 143 lb (65 kg) (vary 99-156 lb [45-71 kg]), principally hairless apart from an extended, coarse mane of darkish hair on the neck, shoulders, and rump, a tufted tail, white cheek whiskers, and a few bristles scattered over the physique. The pores and skin is darkish brown to black in coloration. Young are reddish brown. The head is giant and flattened with one or two pair of warts on the face beneath the eyes and close to the tusks. Both ####es have well-developed tusks. The higher tusks could measure 23.6 in (60 cm) in size, whereas the decrease tusks are solely 5.1 in (13 cm). There are 32-34 enamel, although outdated animals could also be lacking quite a few enamel. There are 4 pairs of mammae.


Found in savannas in virtually all sub-Saharan nations from Senegal and southern Mauritania to northern Ethiopia and Djibouti, south to Namibia, the Cape Province, and Natal.


Elevations to 9,840 ft (3,000 m), open and wooded savannas, grassy plains, and semi-arid areas.


Mainly diurnal. Males have a tendency to reside alone or in small, bachelor teams with altering membership. Males will not be territorial and solely affiliate with females for mating. Females reside in sounders consisting of 1 to three females and their offspring. Females could stay within the natal group for a number of breeding seasons, whereas males disperse from the group however stay on the natal dwelling vary (67-1,194 acres [27-483 ha]), relying on locality. Lone males, bachelor teams, and a number of other sounders could use the house vary concurrently; these people are collectively often called a clan. Warthogs take shelter in subterranean burrows, typically excavated by aardvarks, at evening. The principal diurnal predators are lions ( Panthera leo), leopards, cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus), and wild canines ( Lycaon pictus), although leopards and cheetah have a tendency to prey on youthful warthogs. Warthogs talk utilizing scent marks deposited by each ####es, although extra incessantly by males, and quite a few visible shows and vocalizations.


Selective grazers whose food plan consists of grass, roots, fruits and berries, bark, and generally carrion. Usually drink every day, however could get hold of enough water from succulent roots and bulbs when water is scarce.


Likely polygamous, however probably monogamous. Males will struggle amongst themselves for mating alternatives, generally inflicting critical wounds with their higher or decrease canine tusks. Estrus in females is characterised by frequent urination and discharge from the swollen vulva. Copulation could final lower than a minute. While warthogs could breed all year long in equatorial areas, breeding conduct and farrowing are seasonal in different areas and synchronized with the top and starting of wet durations, respectively. Females are seasonally polyestrous with estrus occurring about each six weeks and lasting roughly three days. The gestation ranges from 160-170 days, and the typical litter is three piglets (vary one to eight), every weighing 14-32 oz (400-900 g). Sows will depart their sounder briefly to give delivery in a gap within the floor. The sow hardly ever leaves the piglets through the first week and eats lower than standard through the first a number of weeks postpartum. Piglets stay within the gap for six to seven weeks. The younger could suckle 12-17 instances per day, roughly each 40 minutes. The younger could start to graze on their very own after two to three weeks and are totally weaned at six months. Both ####es attain puberty at 18 months, although males normally don't breed till about 4 years of age.


Anthropogenic threats include over-hunting for meat and persecution in response to crop raiding, which can be a critical Challenge in some areas. Also considered as opponents for forage on cattle ranches. Hunting stress varies by area, typically in accordance to prevailing non secular beliefs, and may trigger a critical decline in numbers. Religious taboos relating to consumption of pork usually profit warthog in Muslim areas, however they could nonetheless be hunted and the meat offered to different areas. There can also be a small commerce in warthog tusks, nevertheless not at a world stage. Despite these threats, warthogs are thought-about widespread and plentiful and their populations comparatively safe, in accordance to the IUCN. They will not be included within the CITES appendices.


Represent both a crop pest or supply of meat for subsistence or business commerce, relying on the area. Commercial ranching and harvesting happens in some elements of Africa (Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Burkina Faso).