D – Fun Trivia about Letter D

D is the fourth letter of English alphabet preceding E. D is used in different context and also as a slang for “d!ck”.

D is pronounced as /di:/ or  /ɖ/


About D

D is the fourth letter of English alphabet preceding E.

In snooker, D is regarded as the semicircle on the baulk line, inside which the cue ball must be placed at a break-off.

D is also an academic grade better than an E and worse than a C. A grade awarded for a class, better than outright failure (which can be F or E depending on the institution) and worse than a C anyway.

Using the word D-Day figuratively implies the date of any major event planned for the future. And historically, June 6, 1944, is regarded as the D-Day, the date during World War II when the Allies invaded western Europe.

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D in computer programming is a particular high-level programming language inspired from C++.

The word D-beat is regard to as a subgenre of hardcore punk named after the English band Discharge.

Former currency unit of Germany 1948 – 2002 is also refer to as D-mark [Deutschemark] now replaced by the Euro.

Shortening of douchebag, D-bag is used to call someone an idiot or retard; a general purpose moderate insult [Just get out of my life, you D-bag!]

In signal processing,a low quality intraframe containing only DC components, used for high-speed previews.

In music, D-flat major is a major key with five flats with the notes D♭, E♭, F, G♭, A♭, B♭, C

D abbreviation

  1. Lowercase “D” that is, “d” is used to represent the word death or died [William Shakespeare, d 1616].
  2. D is used as an academic grade meaning pass, better than a E and worse than a C.
  3. D stands for Defense.
  4. In the US, using D means Democrat, especially preceding the constituent location. [D-New York]
  5. D stands for Divorced.
  6. As in direction, D means Down.
  7. Drive, the setting of an automatic transmission.
  8. In printing, D stands for Duodecimo, as adopted by the American Library Association.
  9. D is colloquially used to represent d!ck; penis.[She wants the D!] and at times to mean Damn!
  10. D stands for data (electronics).
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Foods that starts with D

  1. Dates
  2. Dried plums (prunes)
  3. Doh nut

Places that starts with D

  1. Denmark
  2. Dominica
  3. Dominican Republic

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