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Dromedary Camel Facts

Camelus dromedarius Linnaeus, 1758, Africa. No subspecies recognized.

English: Arabian camel; French: Dromedaire; German: Dromedar; Spanish: Dromedario.

Stands 7 ft (213 cm) tall on the hump and weighs 1,600 lb (726 kg). The neck is lengthy and curved, they usually have a deep-narrow chest and a single hump. Their broad and thickly padded toes are particularly tailored for touring on sand. The hair is longer on the throat, shoulders, and hump space, and its coloration is normally caramel brown or sandy brown, though shades can vary from nearly black to almost white. Its coating helps to block out the warmth of the solar.

Found in arid areas of the Middle East by northern India, and arid areas in Africa, notably the Sahara Desert. Introduced into Australia.

Desert environments with a protracted dry season and a brief wet season, the place temperatures usually rise above 120°F (49°C).

Form a household group of normally two to 20 people, together with one dominant male, females, juveniles and younger. Males have an inflatable taste bud that they use to entice females. The dominant male prevents contact between females and competitor males by driving them away. Confrontations consist in pushing one another with their entire physique or lowered neck and head, snapping one another with out biting, and infrequently spitting when they’re harm or excited.

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Feed on thorny vegetation, dry grasses, and saltbush that develop within the desert, primarily looking with shrubs and forbs that account for up to 70% of their eating regimen. When foraging, they have a tendency to unfold over massive areas and choose only some leaves from every plant to scale back the stress on the plant communities and ease competitors with different area herbivores. They want six to eight instances as a lot salt as different animals to take in and retailer water, which they acquire principally from halophytes. Since they don’t simply sweat, they lose the moisture of their our bodies slowly.

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May be polygamous. Females attain ####ual maturity at age three, whereas males accomplish that at age six. Seasonal breeders in winter, although typically overlaps with the wet season, relying on the group’s geographic location. The gestation interval can final up to 15 months.

Since the dromedary is domesticated, it has no particular standing in conservation. There are roughly 14 million dromedaries in its complete vary of distribution.

Tribal peoples of the Arabian Peninsula hunted the native onehumped dromedaries for hundreds of years, and began to use them primarily to carry people and issues. It can be a supply of milk, meat, wool, leather-based, and gasoline from dried manure. Thus, it has turn into a key aspect for the survival of human populations within the seemingly inhabitable desert.