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Ehecatl: The Wind God Mythology

Ehecatl was the wind god and a facet of the Nahua and Mixtec god Quetzalcoatl. Ehecatl has as his personal points the 4 instructions—the 4 sources of the wind. The Aztec confirmed him as a black god carrying a beaked purple masks. Around his neck he wore a necklace of a conch shell from which got here the whistling of the wind. Ehecatl labored with the rain god Tlaloc, clearing the air for the rain to comply with.

At the start of the Fifth Sun (the present Sun or age in accordance to Aztec perception), Ehecatl blew on Nanautzin, the god of sunshine, and Tecciztecatl, the moon god, after they sacrificed themselves in a fireplace to turn into the Sun and Moon. The wind from Ehecatl made the Sun and Moon transfer, as they nonetheless do; that is mirrored on this age’s calendar identify, Four Move- ment. Because he was linked so intently with the rain gods—rain and wind usually happen collectively—Ehecatl obtained sacrifices together with them. With his robust breath, Ehecatl additionally breathed life into newly created issues. By falling in love with the attractive Mayahuel, he gave people the power to love.