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Enma Japanese Mythology: God of The Underworld

Emma-o  (Emma, Enma) is the Japanese Buddhist god of the underworld. He lives in a silver-and-gold fortress whose partitions are coated with pearls and jewels. Eighteen generals and their armies of troopers be a part of with quite a few demons to guard his kingdom. There are additionally particular guards who've the our bodies of males and the heads of horses.

Emma-O decrees punishments and sentences males to completely different elements of the underworld, the place they have to pay for his or her sins. When judging a sinner, he sits on a throne between two heads. A mirror reveals all of the useless individual’s sins, and Emma-O then offers his judgment. There are eight completely different sections of fiery hell, and eight sections of ice.

Emma-O seems as a bogeyman in lots of tales. In some tales, Emma-O may be very harsh; in others, he's sort and even returns the useless to the land of the dwelling for a second likelihood to stay virtuously. Jizō, a bosatsu Buddha-to-be who protects kids and pregnant ladies, usually opposes the god, arguing for the souls and normally getting his means. Their battles are a typical motif in Japanese inventive scrolls. Other bosatsu may also intercede on the useless’s behalf.