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Etana in Babylonian Mythology

Etana was a legendary Babylonian king who dominated in the Sumerian metropolis of Kish after thegreat flood. The fable of Etana, written in Akkadian in the first millennium B.C.E., was recognized in antiquity as They Planned Out a City or The Series of Etana. The narrative revolves across the interplay amongst an eagle, a serpent, and Etana.

The gods had established town of Kish and appointed Etana as its king. Etana constructed a shrine for the storm god, Adad, in the shade ofa poplar tree. An eagle lived in the tree’s crown, and a serpent constructed its nest in the tree’s roots. The two had been pals and swore a mutual oath of friendship earlier than the solar god, Shamash, every promising to deal with the opposite’s younger.

At first, each the snake and the eagle revered the phrases of their pact, every taking turns searching wild animals to feed their younger. One day, after his younger had grown, the eagle plotted evil, figuring out to eat the serpent’s youngsters. The eagle’s littlest fledgling, one who was sensible, tried to dissuade his father, however to no avail. The eagle devoured the serpent’s younger and destroyed the nest along with his talons.

Upon his return from a searching journey, the serpent discovered that his offspring had been gone. He turned to the god Shamash, imploring the god of justice to punish the evil eagle and avenge his loss. The divine choose suggested the serpent to conceal in the carcass of a wild ox and lie in watch for the ravenous hen. When the eagle got here to eat, the snake ought to assault his foe and punish him for his offense.

Unaware of the entice and ignoring the warning given to him by his sensible little fledgling, the eagle circled above after which swooped down on his prey. At that second, the serpent emerged from his hiding place, seized the eagle, clipped his wings, plucked out his pinion and tail feathers, and imprisoned him in a bottomless pit.
Left to die of starvation and thirst, the eagle urged Shamash for assist, however to no avail. The god denounced the eagle’s wickedness and abominable deed. Months glided by. Finally Shamash heeded the eagle’s name and developed a plan to ship a human agent to assist.

In town of Kish, Etana had been praying to Shamash to grant him an inheritor. In a dream, Etana heard the voice of the god of justice telling him to go to assistance from the eagle, who in return for his help would assist him find a legendary plant of fertility. Etana crossed the mountains and located the pit with the crippled eagle inside.

Etana stood on the fringe of the pit and instructed the eagle that he would save his life in return for data on the plant of delivery. The hen agreed. Etana filled in the pit in order that the eagle may climb out, and the eagle flapped his wings, prepared to fly. The two set out in quest of the plant of delivery. Etana mounted the hen, his palms on the wing feathers. They flew aloft and ascended to the heavens. Etana started to panic. He may now not see the land or find the nice sea. Etana begged the eagle to descend.

The preserved a part of the story ends with Etana’s return from his flight. The pill that bears the parable is damaged in key spots. It isn't recognized whether or not Etana’s quest for the plant of delivery was profitable, though one other text refers to his offspring who succeeded him on the throne as king of Kish.