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European Eel - Facts, Habitat, Diet and Information

European Eel facts and info. Know European Eel weight loss program, habitat, behaviour taxonomy, and so forth See attention-grabbing facts of European Eel in our animal facts archive.

Scientific title: Anguilla anguilla 
Scientific classification:
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Anguilliformes
Family: Anguillidae

What does it seem like?
An grownup European eel is an extended, snakelike fish; nevertheless, throughout its growth it goes by a number of phases that bear little or no resemblance to the grownup. Adult females could be 1.5 m in size and 2 kg in weight. Males, however, are a lot smaller.

Where does it reside?
This eel spends most of its time in our bodies of freshwater all through Europe, nevertheless when absolutely grown it takes to the ocean so as to spawn.


The life historical past of the eel is among the most exceptional and weird in the entire animal kingdom. For centuries, it baffled scientists and at the moment there are nonetheless unanswered questions. The eel has all the time been coveted by Europeans and it has all the time been identified that throughout the fall, massive numbers of grownup eels would descend the streams and estuaries and head out to sea by no means to return. Then, every spring huge numbers of younger eels, generally known as elvers, would mysteriously seem of their hundreds of thousands in estuaries, heading upstream. It was assumed that the eels should reproduce someplace out at sea, however the location of this spawning floor was fully unknown. It took many many years and funds from the Carlsberg basis to present among the solutions. Small animals, steadily encountered in nets out at sea had been thought to be small fish fully unrelated to the eels. These tiny, leaf-like creatures are the truth is the larvae of eels and a Danish scientist spent a lot of his profession attempting to discover the smallest of these larvae, which might point out their birthplace. His search led him across the Atlantic to a heat, calm patch of ocean referred to as the Sargasso Sea. It appears the grownup eels swim the 6,000 km from their house streams to the Sargasso Sea over a interval of 1-2 months and apparently at nice depth. At the beginning of this migration the physique of the eel undergoes huge modifications. Its intestine dissolves, so the prodigious swim should be fuelled with the deposits it laid down when it was feeding in freshwater. Its eyes turn out to be larger and pigments inside them change so the fish can see within the dim gentle of the ocean and the edges of it physique tackle a silvery luster as a camouflage to assist it evade the various predators that will likely be ready for it within the open ocean. The mammoth migration to the breeding grounds exhausts the eels, a lot so that when they've spawned, the adults die. The eggs, nurtured within the calm, heat waters of the Sargasso Sea hatch into miniscule larvae that should start the arduous activity of swimming again to the rivers, lakes and streams the place their dad and mom got here from, following the style of their house waterways. Such a small creature is relished by predators and large numbers of them are wolfed up. After two years of perilous and sluggish progress, the larvae will likely be in the course of the Atlantic, and an extra year will take them to the coastal waters of Europe. Here, they modify from leafl ike animals into creatures extra harking back to eels. These elvers start to swim upstream, however the males go no additional than the estuaries or coastal rivers, whereas the females proceed inland, typically for a whole bunch of miles, overcoming obstacles with fishy tenacity. The females feed and develop for 8-15 years earlier than heading downstream to be part of the males the place they are going to be unerringly drawn to full their life cycle within the distant Sargasso Sea.

Key Facts

  • There are roughly 400 species of true eel. They vary in dimension from 10 cm to Three m monsters weighing greater than 100 kg.
  • The European eel is a nocturnal predator, feeding on small animals equivalent to fish, arthropods, crustaceans and mollusks.
  • The European eel could be very comparable to the American eel, however the American species migrates from freshwater our bodies all alongside the japanese coast of North America to the identical spawning floor because the European eel: the Sargasso Sea. The distance that this species travels to and from its breeding grounds is far lower than that traveled by its European relative.
  • A substance within the blood of eels is toxic to some fish and mammals, however cooking destroys the toxin.
  • When eels are migrating they will traverse appreciable obstacles to attain their vacation spot. Adult females returning to the ocean will generally go away the water and slither across patches of dry land. Their pores and skin produces copious portions of mucus that aids their passage. When elvers are migrating upstream they may overcome small obstacles by piling their our bodies up in opposition to the impediment till they begin pouring over its prime.
  • The Sargasso Sea, an space of ocean within the Atlantic, roughly 3,200 km lengthy and 1,100 km broad is a mysterious place. It exists as a result of it falls within the confluence of a number of ocean currents that type a big space of calm, slowly rotating water. The space strikes, monitoring the encircling currents and at its floor there are large expanses of seaweed generally known as Sargassum. The water is heat and very salty and it helps an assemblage of animals that reside amongst the floating weed. Large fish are uncommon as there isn’t the food to assist them making the Sargasso Sea a refuge for younger eels. With a altering local weather it's unsure what is going to turn out to be of the ocean currents within the Atlantic, particularly the Gulf Stream. Should any of these currents lose energy or cease, the Sargasso Sea might stop to exist.
  • There have been eel fisheries for hundreds of years because the animal is a well-liked food merchandise. They are caught as adults or as elvers. A typical title for elvers when they're round 45 mm lengthy is glasseels. In current years, the numbers of these juvenile eels caught in locations like Epney on the River Severn within the United Kingdom have declined dramatically, a lot in order that in 1997, the demand for them in Asia couldn't be met and large sums had been altering palms for accessible shares. Some sellers had been paying greater than $1,100 per kg of glasseels. The causes for this decline are usually not understood. It could possibly be a part of a pure long run development, or human actions could possibly be severely lowering their numbers and stopping them from reaching their spawning grounds.