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Fallow Deer Facts


Dama dama (Linnaeus, 1758), Sweden (launched).


English: Persian fallow deer; French: Daim; German: Damhirsch; Spanish: Gamo.


Shoulder peak: 33-39 in (85-100 cm); physique size: 51-63 in (130-160 cm); tail size: 6-7 in (16-19 cm); weight: males 176-186 lb (80-125 kg), females 132-187 lb (60-85 kg). Coat shade is variable; some are reddish, some darkish brown, some practically white. Most of animals develop whitish spots, vibrant in summer time and poorly distinguished in winter. Spots typically merge to white stripes, whereas in some animals a black line goes alongside the again to tail. Color variation could be brought on by domestication; from the Roman Empire instances, the deer have been bred in game parks all through Europe. Males sport massive palmate antlers. At the age of 1, they get spiky antlers; by age three or 4, bucks develop three-pointed antlers and the third tine transforms into a large palm with a number of small tines on the edge. Total size of antlers is up to 15 in (39 cm).


Primarily inhabited the Mediterranean, then have been introduced to Europe by Romans the place they tailored to wilderness and have become a most well-liked animal to breed in parks. Later launched to many European nations, to New Zealand, and North and South America.

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Prefer open plains and hilly grasslands for grazing; use shrub lands and blended and deciduous forests for shelter, shade, calving.


Yearlong residence vary of bulls not often exceeds 740 acres (300 ha); that of does with calves is about 250 acres (100 ha). In North America, feminine herds use vary to 15 mi 2 (40 km2) in winter and spring, whereas in summer time their residence vary decreases to 2-three mi2 (5-eight km2). Insignificant shifts of residence vary sizes relate to abundance or availability of forage. During rut, bulls are strictly territorial, marking off a small patch, defending it towards intrusion of rivals, conserving a harem of does and their offspring, and following every doe in warmth till mating. Sounds made by stags in rut resemble loud night breathing or hoarse coughs, and thus are fairly distinct from these made by purple deer. Stags typically battle to set up hierarchy. As quickly as rut is over, bulls stop defending exercise and type bachelor teams. Segregated does with fawns make personal teams. In wilderness, they’re very vigilant; it’s tough to strategy them due to their wonderful imaginative and prescient, listening to, and olfaction. Fleeing deer rise a tail, displaying a vibrant white patch bordered by black hairs.

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Feed on herbs, forbs, and fewer on leaves and fruits.


Polygynous. Stags shed antlers in April-May, and regrow them in August. Rut happens from mid September-November. Gestation interval lasts seven and half months, does give beginning to one fawn, not often to twins. First 15-20 days a fawn cover, afterward follows doe in a herd. Fawn is nursed till it’s six to 9 months previous, weaning precedes a brand new beginning. In their second autumn, younger doe attain ####ual maturity, and by age two can take part in breeding. Males breed at age six to seven years, after reaching full bodily maturity, although they’re ####ually mature at 14 months. Life expectation in captivity is up to 25 years, whereas normal lifespan in wild is 10-15 years.


Not threatened now. At the identical time, subspecies Dama dama mesopotamica is taken into account to be a really uncommon, Endangered deer.


A major game species, its meat and antlers thought-about precious trophies. The deer most tailored to breeding in game parks. Europe’s annual game harvest is up to 30,000 fallow deer.