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Frey and Freya in Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, Frey and his sister Freya are the youngsters of Njord, god of the wind and sea. They are probably the most stunning of the Vanir, the race of peace-loving gods. When the Aesir, the principle Norse deities, merged with the Vanir, Frey turned often known as the Lord of the Aesir.

Frey was the Norse deity of the Sun, rain, and plentiful harvests. He additionally dominated the alfar, the elf people. Rather than dwelling in Asgard, the house of Norse deities, Frey lived in Alfheim, or elf-home, and he was married to the large Gerd. Frey fell so madly in love with Gerd that he gave up his sword in trade for her hand.This left him unarmed for Ragnarok, the mythic finish of the world. As a end result, Frey could be the first god to die.

Frey rode in a chariot pulled by a magical golden boar, known as Gullinbursti, which implies “golden-bristled.” The dwarves made Frey a magical ship, known as Skinbladnir, or “woodenbladed.” Skinbladnir steered itself and was ready to shrink down to pocket-size.

Frey’s shield-bearer and servant was Skirnir, who acquired Frey’s sword in trade for his assist in securing Gerd’s hand. Frey’s different servant was Beyla, goddess of bees. Since Frey was a fertility god, he was typically portrayed as bluntly ####ual, and his cult was mentioned to include actions that shocked later Christians. The heart of his cult was Uppsala in Sweden.

Freya, Frey’s sister, was the attractive younger goddess of affection and fertility, who watched over the crops and new life. Freya beloved all issues shiny, from flowers to music, and she was fond
of the alfar. It is claimed that Freya was as soon as married to a deity named Od, however he disappeared, and she cried tears of gold.

Freya had a number of magical and useful objects. The necklace of the Brisings, known as the Brisingamen, made Freya irresistible to males and gods. The necklace additionally supported any military that Freya favored on the battlefield. Freya additionally possessed a cloak of chook feathers that allowed anybody sporting it to change right into a falcon.

Freya’s chariot was pulled by two nice cats. She lived in Folkyang, or the field of people. In this stunning palace, love songs had been all the time performed. Women of price resided at Freya’s corridor after loss of life.